While I Was Gone…

Snow in Colville

Hello Fellowship friends! I was MIA for the past weekend as I took a roadtrip to Colville, Washington to visit my dad.  I wanted to share some pics w/you – hope you enjoy them!  Colville is a mere 6-hour roadtrip from Seattle. My dad lives 15 miles out of the city (surrounded by mountains) so I had no Internet access (tragic!). The above pic was taken on Saturday morning, the day before the first day of Spring and we had snow! AGW my foot…

Columbia River at Kettle Falls

This is a pic of the Columbia River at Kettle Falls.  Kettle Falls was relocated to make way for the Grand Coulee Dam in 1940. The original city was flooded and as we drove by, you could see the foundations of buildings in the sand banks that were relocated to higher ground.
There are plenty of critters running around Colville…I saw deer, wild turkey and heard the coyotes.  Dad says they even have an occasional cougar running around the mountains.  But the only critter living with my dad is his “little kitty”, yep, that’s her name!
Lastly, dad and I went to the mountains to do some shooting.

DCG getting in some target shooting

Best thing about living in eastern WA is you can do some shooting in your backyard or the mountains without worrying about anyone calling the cops! Dad and I took a 20-gauge shot-gun and some tin cans into the mountains and did some target practice. Yep, that’s how we roll in Colville!
Glad to be back to the “connected life” and hope you enjoy the pics!

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How lovely! It looks and sounds like you had fun.

Dr. Eowyn

Thanks for the lovely pics and the report, Deb! Eastern Washington looks mighty serene. I hope your dad is managing with what Life brings us….

Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife

Great pictures–I have never been to Washington state. Enjoy your dad whenever you can–I miss mine very much. His area sounds a lot like where we live. Wild animals are everywhere, and guns can be heard on a daily basis. We think nothing of it.


LOL – DCG demonstrates proper “gun control.”
Looks like you had a great time.

Candance Moore
Candance Moore

Washington is indeed a beautiful state. Thank you for sharing.


Yeppers, good times in WA state, for sure!
I went to HS there, and started college at CWSC, Ellensburg in 1960. Worked on weekends on ranches and in back yards, raking leaves and helping to haul hay. My first pheasant shoots were there [no luck!], and duck hunting [successful, ate it w/a school prof!]. It was the Old America we knew and loved, Eisenhower and all that stuff.
Good on you for bringing it all back home for us!


DCG-looks like you had a blast!! I lived in Idaho for many years,this is beautiful country!!!


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,m dcg, i love weswtern Washington!!!! and love “litte kitty” too!