Which of These is More Believable?

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Scenario A:
A Republican politician steals an election to become president, sets out to create a Zionist Evangelical theocracy, lies about government activity after 9/11, lies about weapons to invade a random country, lies about the government’s response to a hurricane, lies about the time he went AWOL in the military, lies about the definition of torture, lies about oil futures, and then lies about the cause of the mortgage crisis.
Scenario B: 
A Democratic politician lies about some inconvenient thing in his family past, lies about personal religious ideas that the public might not like, and then bungles a complicated military operation by not knowing how much to reveal.
The media encourage Americans to believe most of Scenario A. That same media criticize anyone who believes even a smidgen of Scenario B.

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0 responses to “Which of These is More Believable?

  1. Thomas Morato

    The problem with your two scenarios is the last statement… “The media encourage Americans to believe most of Scenario A. That same media criticize anyone who believes even a smidgen of Scenario B.”
    Unless you mean that the media encourages Americans to believe that NONE of those events happened in A, then ok. What TV media outlet supports any of the theories of option A? As for the media behavior and option B, completely true.
    The key words in both scenarios is “republican, democrat and politician.” In 99% of the cases, using these words to describe the people running our government is synonymous with the word lie.

    • Candance Moore

      If you’re seriously here to argue that the media tell people to stop thinking Bush lied about Iraq, then we don’t have much to talk about.

      • Thomas Morato

        Hi Candace… I’m not here to argue anything, just give my opinion(s). I believe most people will tend to believe what they want, regardless of any factual evidence presented to dissuade or prove otherwise.
        “Bush lied people died” is the mantra of left leaning media talking heads and pundits, I’ll give you that. However, even with this one talking point I’ve never really experienced the media attempting to make you into some sort of nut or fool if you didn’t believe it.
        I’m am becoming more concerned how the (television) media, over the last several years, is overtly marginalizing anyone who does not fall hook-line-and-sinker for what the government feeds us. Investigative, fact finding journalism has died in our country.
        It almost seems like a war-of-words between the government, the media and its citizens. Where facts are not important in a conversation, only that because the government or media says it… its true, believe it, end of story.


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