Which Obama Do You Believe?

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The Obama of September 14, 2001:

In a speech to America’s students in Philadelphia today, Obama urged them to ignore bullies and treat each other with kindness and respect, saying part of the beauty of life “lies in its diversity.” [Source: AP]

Or the Obama of April 6, 2008:

At a fundraiser in San Francisco, presidential candidate Obama, who portrayed himself as the “post-racial” candidate, referred to “the white working class” in Pennsylvania and other small towns in the Midwest as “bitter” people who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” The last phrase, “antipathy to people who aren’t like them,” is a veiled reference to racism. [Source: Huffington Post]


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0 responses to “Which Obama Do You Believe?

  1. Thank you Obama…I SHALL ignore bullies and glory in my diversity from YOU! I shall ignore you and all your thuggery., your racist slurs however the thing I cannot and will not ignore is your lies to the American people and your threat to the country I dearly love. I shall not ignore your fighting us on our constitutional rights to free speech, free press, free religious expression and the right to bear arms. So Obummer, you were only HALF right.

  2. Ah, ignore the bullies… like the ones who blew up Khobar Towers, the USS Cole, the WTC, the London metro on 7/7, the Madrid subway, etc. and throw acid in the face of girls who don’t wear a burqah and chose to go to school? Doesn’t work, even with the playground variety.

  3. lets see united kingdoms pm in the 1930’s (chamberlain) said to ignore the bully in the brown shirt marching around and giving speeches. time magazing nominated him as man of the year. and yes he did make the trains run on time and created the autobahn. and he ranks number 3 as the all time mass murderer in history falling behing mao tse tung and stalin. of course hitler was ignored and he took advantage of the ignorant back slappers who allowed him to build up a very mighty war machine. come november the people of this country need to get involved to get their country back. vote the democratic machine out and force the imposter in the white house to give us some answers to questions he has been avoiding.
    and then we have to ensure that there is no repeat in 2012 and obama is sent tarred and feathered out of DC and into oblivion…

  4. I believe the community agitator-in-chief: “argue with your neighbors, get in their faces” “we won”….kindness and respect my arse. This guy is the classic political bully direct from Chicago.

  5. Just impeach the former community pisser-offer already.
    Should be easy considering he has now “graduated” to the present national pisser-offer.

  6. Boy does this say it!

  7. Gee anonymous,
    Looks like the 7/7 train and USS Cole and 9/11 and Khobar towers and the USS Liberty and the Gulf of Tonkin and the OKC bombing and the US lab made anthrax were ALL FALSE FLAG ATTACKS.
    Remember the people running away from the OKC building saying”They found TWO more Bombs”.
    Do a search of the news video of that day and the Local brodcasters version is way different than what our controllers want us to believe.
    I guess they didnt get the memo.Kinda like when the news anchor from BBC had said that building 7 on 9/11 had fallen when it was infact in the video, still standing ,right behing her!!!.I gues they got the time zones screwed up when reading their script for the FALSE FLAG known as 9/11 and the takedown of the US citizens rights.
    Wake up!.The hour is late and the rest of the world laughs at us because their are still idiots in Amerika that believe in fairytails.Whatdo you think “PULL IT” means.That means Demolition to all that know….So if building 7 was PULLED its not too far of a strech to understand that the rest were too!.
    Try your cell phone in the JET..It wont work unless you are closer than about 6000 ft.of a tower and on 9/11 none of those cell phone calls happened as it was all a play.Did not happen.
    There are alot of good whistleblower Generals and other patriotic American officers that have told the truth but our bought and paid for propaganda system will never tell the truth.
    The truth is verry dark and ugly and Americans just dont either want the truth or just cant handle it.Or we as a nation are just plain STUPID.
    We as a nation have made some muslim enemies now that we bomb and straiff them willy nilly.Kill the civillians, en mass,torture them ,set the car bombs,and claim we are saving them.
    Remember the recent Pakistan diplomat story that turned out to be a BLACK OPs USA terrorist that got caught.
    I have left enough clues here for any truth seeking Patriotic American to go find the truth so they can understand who the real enemy is.One more hint…
    They are not foreigners but are the enemy inside the gate of the City of DC.
    May G-D bless us and give us the strength to stop this madness and bring the traitors to the justice they deserve.Turn off the TV and read out of country postings for your hard news as CNN,FAUX,ABC,MSNBC are all Infotainment and pure propaganda with nothing but mind control” Project Mockingbird” disinformation. Our time is getting short for freedom in AMERIKA.We are,or were a” Constitutional Republic” and not a Democracy.Our founding fathers despised “Democracy”as the worst form of government.Let that sink in…We have been lied too and dumbed down en mass….Wake up my American brothers and sisters.Wake Up!!!!!..
    Be Well


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