Which “Lord of the Rings” character are you?

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Lord of the RingsAre you a Frodo Baggins?

Or Aragorn, aka Strider?

Or the faithful Samwise Gamgee?

Or the super-competent Elf warrior, Legolas Greenleaf?

Or Éowyn, shieldmaiden of Rohan?

Or Treebeard the Ent?

Or Gollum, who once was Smeagol?

Or (I hope not!) the dark lord Sauron?

Take this 13-question quiz to find out! Click here!

P.S. I’m Gandalf. LOL

Your various eccentricities tend to amuse as often as they perplex, but your silly, warm-hearted exterior masks a shrewd and powerful tactician. All of Mordor couldn’t turn you evil, which the rest of the world better be grateful for, because let’s be honest: You’d be awesome at being evil.


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0 responses to “Which “Lord of the Rings” character are you?

  1. Gandalf

  2. Arwen checking in!! …at least I am glad and thankful it is a girl! 😀

  3. My daughter was Sam. 😉

  4. I am Frodo.

  5. I am Frodo as well.

  6. What? no Tom Bombadil? How sad.

  7. I’m Legolas – how utterly WONDERFUL!!! He is my most favorite character of all and devastatingly good looking besides. Tho of course, I’m married and shouldn’t be noticing…*cough cough* LOLOL!!

  8. Well, I was Gandalf- but I thought I was more like Elrond…
    or maybe Elros (silmarillion fans, anyone?). I guess that was the closest result. Although once in a quiz I got Creepy Lady (AKA Galadriel) and Lord Eyebrows ( If you don’t know who this is, you NEED to see the movie)


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