Which Founding Father are you?

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founding fathers

The United States was fought for and founded by men of courage, intelligence, and ideals. The revolution they brought forth changed the course of history forever. You, on the other hand, slept through most of history. Oh well, we’re all Americans, right! Which Founding Father Are You?

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I’m Benjamin Franklin:

“Like Ben Franklin, you’re inventive and creative, adding a bit of humor to every great insight. You love people and social situations and wish everyone could be happy. Behind your altruism is intense intelligence. Peace out with your smart self.”


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0 responses to “Which Founding Father are you?

  1. Best quiz, ever, DCG!

    I’m George Washington. LOL

  2. Thomas Jefferson here.

  3. Patrick Henry!! Always tell the truth!! Anti-establishment!! Fight the power!!! haha

  4. I’m shocked…I thought I was going to be Ben Franklin but I’m Thomas Paine!

  5. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:
    I’ve for James Madison. Time to re-read history and learn about this old chap.

  6. Patrick Henry here too…


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