Which Biblical character are you?

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P.S. I’m Noah:

You are a righteous man in a time of evil and corruption! You may not be perfect, but you have a heart of gold and remain loyal to the ones you love. Like Noah your strengths are your creativity, persistence and faithfulness

H/t FOTM’s CSM (who’s also Noah)


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0 responses to “Which Biblical character are you?

  1. John the Baptist!

  2. Mary. . .

  3. I’m like Noah. I think my cats would agree.

  4. Doc…your a man, man baby 😉

  5. Yikes! Abraham.
    You are a person of great faith and courage! When life throws you lemons, you’re willing to take some risks in order to improve the situation. Your courage and independence makes you a great leader and has earned you the respect of others.


  6. Avraham

  7. I am so not worthy…………..


  8. John the Baptist??
    You are one of the most distinctive characters in the New Testament. Like John, you have an unusual flair for fashion and live a wild life. Although not as extreme as John, you embrace being different and enjoy the simpler things in life. Like John the Baptist you are completely unique!!

  9. John the Baptist here to…

  10. Mary. I am so honored but so unworthy to even be remotely compared.


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