Which Avengers character are you?

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It’s Sunday afternoon and I don’t feel like doing anything serious.

Instead of doing a post on something depressingly political or politically depressing, let’s have some fun, shall we? :D

Have you read the Avengers comics, or seen the 2012 flick, The Avengers?

If you were a character in the story, which one would you be?

Is it Iron Man? Captain America? The Hulk? Thor? The Black Widow? Hawkeye? or, I hope not, Loki?

Find out by taking a 13-question quiz. Click here!

P.S. I’m Thor. LOL


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0 responses to “Which Avengers character are you?

  1. I’m Thor too. 🙂 I think that’s the first time we ever came out the same Character.

  2. NaturalBoredCitizen

    Thor, twice in a row Doc, you and me. I put temper as my biggest flaw.

  3. I am Thor.

  4. i am Iron Man i guess according to this test i always liked the song anyway by black sabbath from back in the early 70’s i remember popping black sabbath into my 8 track player in my 69 boss 302 mustang

  5. good steve just survived the first real winter that we have had up here in many a year a new word has entered in the weather forecasting library polar vortex and let me tell you wow cold polar bear cold and yet the democrats in the area still insist on global warming even stating that because it exists it can be extremely cold also , like the movie , anyhow i hope spring shows up really soon

    • igor, glad you survived. Yikes that’s cold.
      Been brutal here in Fla, can only go in pool every other day. LOL
      Actually we have been a little colder than usual. I guess we get no sympathy.

  6. and how about that 2 inches of snow in atlanta that stranded all of those motorists 2 inches umm up here that is barely considered a snowfall but being trapped in your car for like 18 hours would no matter where you are really be a bad situation spring is coming like they say if march comes in like a lion which it did it will go out like a lamb. and up here i myself have never done this but quit a few people do something called the polar bear plunge they cut holes in the ice large ones if the lake is frozen over which this year the smaller lakes froze and they jump into the water so i guess you could say some people have gone swimming don’t need no stinkin pool just jump in the lake


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