Where's Obama's Scandal?


The Daily Mail reports on research performed by Brendan Nyhan at the Center For Politics that states President Obama is overdue for a scandal.  You can see the research report here. The report is titled, “Scandal Potential: How political and media context affect the president’s vulnerability to allegations of misconduct.”
The report calls the odds of scandal ‘high and rising’ after two years in office, based on interpretation of data from presidential scandals between 1977 and 2008. Nyhan presented detailed graphs illustrating the likelihood of a scandal to unfold before the 2012 presidential election – rising between 95 and 100 per cent by June of next year
The report reads: ‘Obama has been extremely fortunate: My research on presidential scandals shows that few presidents avoid scandal for as long as he has.’
Nyhan claims his research is supported by the lack of support among Republicans for the Obama administration, and predicts he will follow ‘a similar trajectory to Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton (who both suffered significant first-term scandals).’ Nyhan noted discontent among Republicans could contribute to encourage opposition legislators and members of the news media to promote allegations of misconduct.
Nyhan states ongoing media attention has so far been diverted to other stories throughout his presidency, including ‘the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Arab Spring revolts, the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the killing of Osama bin Laden.’
Other factors are up for debate, including Nyhan’s notion that Obama is treated more favorably by the media compared to his predecessors because he is America’s first black president (and a liberal – my opinion). DUH! Let’s take a look at recent reports by the SRM that support this statement (All via NewsBusters, the best site at exposing liberal media bias):

Yes, the media was fully behind this man in 2008 and is in full-on Obama re-election mode.  If anyone dares to expose any forthcoming Obama scandal, they’ll end up with the Boston Herald treatment or worse.

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It was odd, nowhere but the internet did I hear of Lech Welesa refusing to meet with Obama….Fox News had a bit about “Solidarity Leaders meeting w/ Obama” not a peep. Also on The Blaze, a bit about Poland & Obama, not a bit about Walesa. I thought that extremely odd, considering that Walesa is called the Father of the Solidarity Movement. To add to the possible list of scandals is, of course, the question of Obama’s eligibility. see Corsi video towards bottom of the page, where Corsi announces that he will be filing a Criminal Complaint against Obama with… Read more »


A guy who revolted against Communism not wanting to show even tacit support to a guy with leftward policies? An understandable event, but obviously our leftward leaning media doesn’t want to cover it.


Artist-Jerome Corsi said in the interview with Tom Tancredo,he gives Americans time to read his book,in about 2 months he says it will get heated. My book should be here by the 2nd,I hope. As far as Walesa goes,I’m positive he has several major factors figured out with the fraud,including the polish plane crash.

Dr. Eowyn

Fortune or luck has nothing to do it. Obama has avoided a scandal only because the media are his waterboys.


Not if conservatives find it and beat his plan to it first.


As I noted elsewhere, unlike most of the American sheeple, Walesa knows a communist when he sees one, and probably wasn’t interested in wasting his time meeting with one.