Where was DCG?

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Hi all! Just got back from another visit to my dad’s. This trip though was a “working” vacation – I went over to do some chores around his place. I helped cut down dead trees (got to use the chainsaw and drive the tractor!), split and stacked wood, stained the decks, painted two sides of his house, mowed the law, and cleaned the house – whew! Fortunately the weather was beautiful so it made my chores more bearable. Here’s some pictures from my trip.


Dad lives outside of “C” town. The cross at the top of the mountain use to be above the “C” on “gasp” – public property. Of course, the ACLU had to get involved and have it removed. A private-property owner had it moved just 100 yards east onto his property. The cross still welcomes you to town!


One of dad’s many neighbors. He wants to bring this nanny goat over to help clear up some brush. Better the goat than me!

ColevilleI split and stacked this pile of wood. Thank goodness dad has an electric splitter!


Dad has about 6 hummingbirds visiting. I managed to capture a picture of two of them feeding.



p style=”text-align:center;”>And, of course I found time to use my shotgun!

Back from the working vacation – and back to work!


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  1. You are AWESOME!! Thanks for the trip!

  2. Great pics. That is some pile of wood.
    Time to put the grip on and shoot from the hip..It’s fun. 😀

  3. Welcome back, DCG! I am so glad you made it back safe and sound. Wow with the stacked firewood and so sweet the humming bird!
    Thanks for sharing your working vacation!

  4. 🙂


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