Gun Control? We need Fool Control!

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Man Charged In Amish Buggy Drive-By Shooting

Horse was killed by single bullet fired on Pennsylvania roadway


Timothy Antonio Diggs

FEBRUARY 12–Police today announced charges have been filed against a Pennsylvania man in connection with the fatal drive-by shooting of a horse pulling an Amish buggy.

Timothy Antonio Diggs, 22, is facing seven misdemeanor counts, including reckless endangerment, cruelty to animals, and firing into an occupied vehicle, according to the East Lampeter Township Police Department.

The horse was pulling a buggy with five family members around 9 PM on November 24 when “an unknown type car traveling north passed the buggy.”

The buggy’s occupants, a married couple and their three young children, told investigators that they heard “a loud noise, described as sounding like a firecracker” as the vehicle passed.

Upon returning to their farm, the family discovered that the horse had been shot in the chest. The animal died before a veterinarian reached the family’s residence.

Diggs, seen in the above mug shot, has been jailed since cops executed a search warrant at his home in early-December. During that raid, officers located handguns and a motorcycle that had been stolen in two separate burglaries.

Police did not disclose whether one of the seized guns was used in the horse killing, nor did they reveal a motive for the shooting.

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Wrong burger order: Grand Rapids woman to be arraigned in McDonald’s shooting

By Jonathan Van Zytveld

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — A West Michigan woman is expected to be arraigned after allegedly firing a bullet into a McDonald’s after receiving two incorrect orders.

Court records indicate Grand Rapids resident Shaneka Monique Torres, 29, is scheduled for video arraignment by Grand Rapids District Court Judge Kimberly A. Shaefer this afternoon.

Shaneka Monique Torres

Shaneka Monique Torres

Torres is charged with carrying a concealed weapon, discharge of a firearm in or at a building, and using a firearm for a felony, all stemming from an incident on Monday, Feb. 10, at a Grand Rapids-area McDonald’s restaurant.

On the evening of Feb. 9, Torres and an unnamed driver reportedly stopped for food at the McDonald’s location in the 400 block of 28th Street SE. After complaining about an incorrect burger order, Torres and the other woman were told they would receive a free meal at the time of their next visit and left the establishment.

The following morning at 3 a.m., Torres and her companion allegedly returned to the same location, ordered the same burger, and again received an incorrect order.

Torres, in the passenger seat of the vehicle, allegedly leaned over the driver of the car and engaged in a verbal confrontation with the employee before shooting a bullet through the drive-through window. No one was injured as the bullet passed through the opposite wall of the restaurant.

Torres and the driver fled, but they were later tracked down using a cell phone number Torres had provided to the restaurant to receive a free meal following her original incorrect order. She was arrested at her home shortly after the incident.

Although the unnamed driver was interviewed and released, Torres remains lodged in Kent County Jail pending video arraignment today at 1:30 p.m. A hearing is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 21, with Judge Michael Christensen.

Torres has a few minor traffic infractions, court records detailed. In January 2013, she was cited for driving under a license that was either suspended, revoked or denied. She was charged with improper plates on her vehicle in the same incident. In February 2010, she was cited for disobeying posted signs, devices or lane markings.

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  1. People like these two are bringing their race down. Never before have they been handed so much and done so little with it.
    There are so many wonderful people they could look up to and eminate.
    Sad for everyone.

  2. What a way to celebrate Black History Month. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Booker T. Washington must be weeping….

  3. Looks to be another tour through Babylon…. I suppose we’re no worse than the late Roman Empire, but the easy access to firearms by these evil fools makes our lives ten times more dangerous.

  4. Thank you Trail Dust for this amazing post. I feel so badly for the Amish family and their beautiful horse. May God help them, and I pray that they see their horse in heaven. Both of these individuals behaved in such evil manners, utterly despicable. I will try to find it in my heart to pray for their conversion. Right now, I am enraged and I feel only contempt.

  5. Do you see what I see? Neither of these individuals appears to be your normal garden variety of person; whats up with shaving part of your head, and not all of it? The bleach blond look kind of misses the mark. I guess it can be said, both of these goons march to the tune of a different drummer.

  6. Diggs should have to pay restitution to the Amish family for the value of their horse………better yet, he should have to pull their buggy for a few weeks as punishment for murdering a beautiful innocent animal. As for Torres, she should be forced to eat a McDonald’s hamburger everyday until her body explodes.

    • Torres should be forced to eat hamburgers made by the employee she shot at. If I were that employee Torres wouldn’t want to know what I’d put in her burgers!

  7. Obama needs to tell his children to behave.


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