Where Do the 72 Virgins Come From?

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This video is actually an audio-only discussion between two Arab men about Paradise.  It very graphically explains the whole Muslim preoccupation with the famed 72 Virgins.
Their Allah as a supernatural Dr. Mengele…. You’ll have to listen to get the gist of the whole thing; but, it explains the whole premise for female genital mutilation.
WARNING: It’s horrifying and too pornographic to be posted on The Fellowship.  This “Allah” they pray to five times a day is from the pit of hell!

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0 responses to “Where Do the 72 Virgins Come From?

  1. An angel dictated the Koran to that guy Mohammed. Remember satan can disguise himself as an angel of the light. Remember he is Lucifer who was one of the brightest of God’s angels, until the sin of pride got St. Michael and his lads to beat the crap out of him and his minions. Salman Rushdie told the truth when he called that book the ‘Satanic Verses’ and that other nutcase the Ayotollah Khomeini set out a fatwah on him. The anti-Christ is preparing his armies in the entire middle east. Remember he will have a monopoly on oil. Oil wins wars! “Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered, let those that hate Him flee before His face.” Europe has a very powerful fifth column inside it. There’ll be ragheads blowing themselves up in every major city in the west. As Jesus said in St. Marks Gospel: “Watch.”

  2. Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative is the best definition and prescription for ethical-moral conduct I’ve read:

    Treat others as ends, not as means.

    This quaint Islamic notion of each martyr being serviced in paradise by 72 virgins is not just obscene, it violates Kant’s Categorical Imperative by treating females as mere things for men to use and dispose as they please.
    And yet these barbarians are championed, embraced and defended by the Left of the West — who claim to care about women! Friggin’ hypocrites.

  3. I don’t care where they come from, as long as they all look like this:

  4. lowtechgrannie

    Eo, I didn’t have the guts to post the actual Youtube on the FOTM site. The yuck-factor was just too strong for me…. I only listened to the first several minutes and was too grossed out to continue. It’s just as well to have it here, I guess.
    It will be interesting to see the trolls rush in to defend this piece of trash.

    • LTG,
      I managed to listen to about one-third of it before I’d had enough of the near-porn details. Your judgment is correct that we shouldn’t and can’t post the YouTube directly on our site. But now we finally know exactly how Allah the Mengele can supply an unending line of virgins. Yuck! and Blech!

      • lowtechgrannie

        Someone added the actual video to the site. Should we take it down?

        • That “someone” was me! LOL
          Sorry. I had added the YouTube directly to your post BEFORE I actually listened to it. It’s now fixed. Not on our site directly, but just a link for readers to click, which will bring them to the YouTube website. 😀

  5. Disgusting…

  6. “A man’s reward is a vagina…” Oh, that’s rich…

  7. is the 72 virgins muslim ? or infadels? seems to me de-flowering muslim women is disrespect, but if mohumid grabs infadel virgins, that is also messed up as they dont get the eternal hellfire damnation that all non beliving deserve according to the prrofit mohumid book, koran


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