Where are you on the left-right political spectrum?

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Whoever drew this cartoon must be confused about right and left.

Where are you on the Left-Right Democrat-Republican ideological and political partisan spectrum?

The PEW Research Center has a nifty, short (12 questions) Political Party Quiz that you can take to find out where you fit.

We both took the questionnaire and, unsurprisingly, we both are off the chart — to the Right, of course! 😀

To take the quiz, click here, then tell us where you fit by taking our poll!

It’d be interesting to know where individual politicians, especially the 2012 presidential and vice-presidential candidates, are on the spectrum.

Of course, we already know the POS in the White House is not just “Very Liberal,” PEW should create a separate category for him which is way, way, way to the left. Here’s a hint! 😀

~Eowyn & Hardnox

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0 responses to “Where are you on the left-right political spectrum?

  1. No surprise, my results are more conservative than TEA Party and Republican. Is there an Attila the Hun Party?

  2. wow i was right of the tea party and almost fell off of the graph

  3. According to this I should be chairing the Tea Party

  4. Very Conservative here.

  5. Very Conservative here…which is so funny when I think that pre-Obama , I was a Democrat! hahahahahaha! : )

  6. Very conservative above Tea Party

  7. I fell off the red-line lmao….Ghengis was a Nancey-boy
    I always knew I was more conservative than Rush

  8. I fall between the Tea Party and the VERY Conservative. I have always had pretty conservative values and voted independently but like Artist I was a registered Democrat until 2008. Polarization on issues has never been more apparent than it is now.

  9. Ran out of Red Line. Surprise!

  10. LOL – According to that quiz, I am five yards to the right of Attila the Hun. 😀


  11. Way right myself. Funny how Skippy has turned some dems around.

  12. winstonsmith6079

    I was wondering when someone would put a photo on that teleprompter. Good choice!

  13. I also landed as VERY Conservative… I’m also a Tea Party member and also rate as a Libertarian on other sites…

  14. I am very conservative, according to the poll.


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