Where Are the Jobs For These Americans?

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On Monday, July 18, 2011, after an 11th-hour bid to buy the struggling Borders fell apart, America’s second-largest bookstore chain announced it is closing all of its 399 stores. Some 10,700 employees are now jobless.

Space shuttle Atlantis lands at the Kennedy Space Center

This morning, the last space shuttle, Atlantis, with its four astronauts, returned from the International Space Station, and touched down in Cape Canavarel at 5:57 am.
With that, NASA’s 30-year shuttle journey came to an end and, along with that, employment for thousands of Americans.
NASA’s five space shuttles launched, saved and revitalized the Hubble Space Telescope; built the space station, the world’s largest orbiting structure; and opened the final frontier to women, minorities, schoolteachers, even a prince.
It will be another 3 to 5 years at best before Americans are launched again from U.S. soil, with private companies gearing up to take over the space shuttle program. Astronaut trips by the commercial competitors, however, will take years to achieve. An American flag that flew on the first shuttle flight and returned to orbit aboard Atlantis on July 8, is now at the space station. The first company to get astronauts there will claim the flag as a prize.
The long-term future for American space exploration is hazy, a huge concern for many at NASA and the hundreds of now jobless workers because of the shuttle’s end.

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0 responses to “Where Are the Jobs For These Americans?

  1. I’m really surprised that the Space Shuttle program was discontinued and nothing else was begun to take its’ place……all without a whimper.
    Not only is space exploration important in the ever (hopefully) expanding view and understanding of our Universe but it inspired so many young people to devote their lives to studying science and inspired the people in general to look Heavenward both scientifically and in a truly awesome, spiritual way. I think this is a sad commentary on the soul/lack thereof and wrong priorities of our current American leadership, to say the least!

  2. and meanwhile at the msm propaganda spewer the economy is good, obama needs more time to fix the mess that he made, plenty of jobs at mc donalds and burger king, take your ph d and flip some burgers, revolution is in the air liberal dems think everything is fine and obama is good and blame the rep for everything and the sheeple bah yes.

  3. Next at NASA… Muslim Outreach: The Final Frontier!

  4. lowtechgrannie

    Mosques on Mars? Allah would be so proud of all those bottoms raised for his edification.
    One problem. If you’re on Mars, how do you determine which direction Mecca is? I’m sure they have a Surah that explains it in exquisite 7th century detail.

  5. Hope & Change!

  6. I will never forgive GWB for cancelling the Shuttle program prematurely.
    They could hve kept it going at least another five years or so, at least until the Orion is flight ready.
    As it stands now, the only ride in town is with the Russians.
    What happens if relations with them sour?


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