When you're hurting….

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Listen to these wise words from a little boy….

H/t FOTM’s Grouchy Fogie
~Eowyn & Terry

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0 responses to “When you're hurting….

  1. Reblogged this on OyiaBrown.

  2. Excellent! Thank you, Logan…

  3. Tears running down my face! Bless you Logan!!
    Thanks Grouchy! I needed that reminder! 😀

    • Sorry Grouchy…totally missed this! We are good! Heath is doing better now….I have been under the weather though…we found out we are adding a blessing to our family. Our 4 will soon become 5! We are so excited!!! Hope all is well with you! 😀

      • Yes, Miranda, please let us know when you’ll be gone for an extended length of time.
        Many weeks ago, when I noticed you had been absent from FOTM for quite some time, I sent you an email, which must have never reached you as I received no reply — which, of course, made us (I and Grouchy) worry about you even more. We can’t help it. You are part of our FOTM family, and we care about and look out for each other. ♥

      • Another baby, yay!


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