When you see someone from the “WalkAway” campaign and if you are a Trump supporter, do exactly that, walk away.

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One of Qanons recent Qposts was a link to a video that was about the “WalkAway” campaign.  In the title it had “the Great Awakening”. (I’m not providing the link because I do not want to give it anymore exposure.  Just enough to pull its covers). The guy  in the video talked about how he used to be a liberal and made a change.  The video was a scam where its victims were mainly republicans, Trump supporters and members of the Qanon army.   It was just another shady move by the democrats and liberals. I’ll explain.

They know that in order to have any chance to win in 2020 they need to reconstruct their party and reduce Trump’s voter base. The socialist angle will never work and there is way too much damage the their party to have any chance at winning with their party in its current state.   They needed to do something drastic. They created a third party.  A party that’s new and will give the appearance that  it hates the current democrat leadership and how it handles thing.  They come up with the “WalkAway” campaign.

Some of the things they say are that they  tired of the same old party and that they are  tired of being let down and being lied to.  They saw how Trump won.  They saw that part of that was by  be getting to the hearts of fed up Americans.  They saw how he got Americans motivated.  So they copied him.

If you were to watch the video you would see  how the build up in the video is the same as Trumps campaign. The guy talks about the same things Trump did.  Just like Trump, he pointed out  problems and  let Americans know that they are not the only ones that are sick and tired about the way things have been going.  They are doing exactly what Trump did.  It was like they took a Trump video and removed Trump and put someone in his place. A total “knock off.”   And it stinks.

Problem 1:“WalkAway” campaign might be walking away from the democratic party and the nasty liberals, but guess what, they are still democrats at heart. At no point in time did I hear anyone say that they are going to be republicans.  I didn’t hear  anyone  say they are going to vote for Trump.   They call themselves the “WalkAway” campaign.   Not the Trump Campaign.  Different parties, different bank accounts.  This is a different party, unrelated to Trump’s campaign.

Second Problem: The are using “The Great Awakening” name. Qpost links to the video so patriots go watch the video.  During the video the “WalkAway” campaign were taking donations. Since Qpost linked to video and they called themselves “the Great Awakening”, patriots naturally thought the “WalkAway” campaign was part of the Qanon movement.  They made donations.  So we ended up with patriots fooled and screwed.  They gave their money to democrats. Keep in mind that democrats and liberals have been,  and are attacking patriots in every possible way.  One day they are putting our people in hospital. The next day the same patriots that they put in the hospital are giving them their money. The “WalkAway” movement has taken advantage of  the patriots by using the Great Awakening name. Q just provided the link. That does not mean give them your money.

I understand that when  a person leaves the party,   It does not mean they are coming to your party. It wasn’t the same for many others..
Democrats are dividing their party by creating the “Walkaway” campaign.  They are also dividing and snagging Trumps voter base while doing it. This is one the democrats and liberals last ditch efforts to finish Trump.
Trump will praise the “WalkAway” campaign because they are splitting their party.  Some may have left the party and voted for Trump.  But most of them are just unhappy with their old party and want a change.  It does not mean they like the republicans now.  The “Walkaway” campaign at it’s heart are democrats and will always be democrats. If they switched to be conservatives they would just assimilate into the republican party. They would not need their own name.   their own campaign. They would not need to take donations.

This whole thing sounds like an “insurance policy”. But it wont work. Some people got fooled out of their money. There is plenty of time to inform them to what happened and keep them as Trump supporters.   We just need to keep them informed.
People need to remember, the Qanon movement, Calm before the storm, Great Awakening has never accepted donations and never will. Qanon has made that very clear in the beginning. If anyone is asking for donations and claiming to be part of Qanon.  They are frauds. Save your money and “Walk Away”.
You man ask, Why should we believe you?

Remember that I am an opinion journalist.  this is my assessment of an event that took place.
You don’t have to believe me but in this situation understand that  I am a former mod from the Great Awakening.  The real one.  The one that got banned.  I am still very much involved with Qanon movement on a daily basis. Believe me when I say, We do not want your money and never will. If you must, give your money to the Trump Campaign.  Remember Qanon, Trump, insider, etc. Also, why  would they want you giving your money to a different campaign?  Think logically, trust the plan.
Deplorable Patriot

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19 responses to “When you see someone from the “WalkAway” campaign and if you are a Trump supporter, do exactly that, walk away.

  1. I respectfully honor that your opinion is yours – based on your experiences – yet offer for your consideration the opportunity to delve more deeply into this movement – beyond one video.

    I’ve seen multiple “Walk Away” videos, am following the ‘BLEXIT’ movement, spearheaded by Candace Owens, I believe, as well as the vlogger know as the ‘Black Conservative Patriot.’

    The movement seems to take many forms across a broad spectrum – I’m a mere layperson, not an investigative journalist – and my sense is that the groundswell against the D party is gaining traction with extraordinary passion, intention and determination.

    Former dems who’ve awakened are fierce in their resolve, and they’re spreading the word with indescribable fervor. The link below is from a piece published yesterday by Starship Earth/The Big Picture, and I recommend it highly. It was extremely inspirational.

    Thank you so much for your work.


  2. I must respectfully disagree with you. I believe Qanon is the fake and all hype. I have nothing in common with Democrats and generally side with Republicans but I will never be a registered member. I’m a registered independent and always will be.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Thank you for your reply. I am happy you do not side with the democrats. I register as a republican because I love the constitution and support POTUS. I cannot stand the party. Not as much as I dislike the democrats and modern day liberals. But there is no love here for the republican party as it stands. As for Qanon . There was a time when I had my doubts. There is a lot of mysterious drama that I feel is a little over the top. Personally I don’t think it helps the movement. I can also understand people question Qanon’s identity. I often tell people not to look at Qanon as an individual. Look at Qanon as a message of hope, truth, freedom, unity, etc. Many, many different things in line with the light. I rarely think of Qanon as an individual. No matter how you look at it, someone is making those Q drops. If Qanon isn’t a real person, I’m going to have to find out who I was talking with the other night

  3. Ross Perot and the Reform party was created to split the Buchanan anti-NAFTA/Immigration Moratorium Movement in the Republican party, and bring Bush comrade Clinton to power. This is not going to work this time, though it did in 1996, unfortunately for America.

  4. There is definitely a movement out there to split the Christian base, by appealing to those more “progressive” Christians who get confused by what certain Biblical imperatives mean. I’ve seen it in motion.

  5. Dr. E,

    I took part in the Walkaway march last year. I thought Brandon Straka, the founder, said that he HAD become a Republican; I could be mistaken, but I thought I heard him say that. Though I wasn’t walking away from anything (already registered Republican, but only to help Trump in the primaries), I went to give the folks there some encouragement and support. Anyway, I thought it was genuine at the time. Perhaps, like the Tea Party, it’s been hijacked…

    • Deplorable Patriot

      I thought what Brandon Straka was moving and inspiring . The problems he discusses are factual but why have a separate campaign? Why use the Great Awakening brand? It is well known that Qanon and its members do not accept donations. Establish by Q and only Q. If that were to change don’t you think we would be informed first? People making those donations were Qanon people. This the second time this guy ran this video. He follows our members on social media. We know who he is and have conversations.There is no possible way he would not know our standards. As far as registering as a republican. Ever hear of a rhino. I’m providing facts. Points that are valid and need to be addressed. These are just my opinions. It does not mean I am correct. In matters like this, I always hope I am wrong or missing something. I should point out that every thing that I write and publish, the research, etc I discuss with a group of individuals that are far more informed than I. There are many others that share my same opinion. My point being that this is not something that I just wrote without seeking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc opinions. As far as my thoughts about the Democratic party being behind this. If they are not, they should be. As it stands they don’t have a chance to win in 2020 Politics suck. I don’t ever want to look like the bad guy, fake news or appear as I’m out to get someone. The truth is all I’m interested in. We have to question everything and act on what we find. Our leaders in the republican party have failed to so. I cannot count on them any more. Myself as well as others need to raise their hands, stand up and start handling business. If we don’t then ………..That’s not the future I want.

      • DP,
        I appreciate your contributions to FOTM and all the hard work you have done for the Great Awakening. I know first hand how following the white rabbit and making bread from crumbs can be taxing. Your opinion does matter and I take it seriously.
        This past summer I started following the #WalkAway movement. I have seen multiple times where Potus/Q+ has had comments pinned to the top of the comment sections of personal #walkaway stories. Congratulating and thanking them for thier support. I can send you links if you need the proofs. Many of these former Dems are now Team Trump. I do know some have come over to the light because of watching Ben Shapiro’s videos and follow his new popularity and I have my suspicions that I wont go into whether he is controlled opposition or not.
        Last Saturday at CPAC our Potus delivered a monster 2 hour speach. Not only did he give an air-Q to someone in the crowd before he got started, He gave several Shout_outs to Mark Levin, his wife and his upcoming Sunday night Fox show 3/3/19.
        Next day Q drops links to both. The first is the video Mike Boss made for Brandon, the second drop was Levins show, Mark interviewing Brendon and his #walkaway grassroots movement.
        If there is something wierd going on, I am going to trust Potus and Q are already aware of it and like Q says follow the plan.
        With that said, keep up the good fight and I do appreciate you for bringing it to our attention. WWG1WGA

        • Deplorable Patriot

          Thanks for your reply. I have a different username that I go by while I do my work with the Qanon movement. It keeps the death threats minimized. Maybe we have crossed paths sometime. You are correct in Qanon and Potus being aware of it. I understand why they would promote it. It divides the opposition. I wanted to remind those that are board with Qanon a couple points that I thought important. In this case , we don’t take donations, we are the great awakening, we support Trump and the Qdrop was just a link. It did not say donate, support or dislike. Knowing the first 2 I just mentioned sort of delegitimizes Straka. I let my thoughts be know at the highest levels of the movement. Even Q. Not a single person disagreed with me. Thank you for your support and your help. Remember my words are not always golden. Just my opinion.It does not matter if they agree or disagree. What’s important is getting a conversation started. Yws WWG1WGA always.

          • DP,
            I hear you and understand exactly, what you are saying. Your post last September got me off the sofa and it was an interesting October for me as I spent my first month learning the kitchen. To say I was a newfag baker was an understatement. My presence here at FOTM took a hit this winter, I followed all the blogs, just didnt have time to post or follow-up on the comment sections as often.
            It is a small world… A retired AF Colonel introduced me to Q and I starting following Prayingmedic’s blogs in February of last year.
            I was a bystander not knowing how to contribute, other than to educate my own circle of friends. There is zero doubt this is real and the great awakening is happening.
            I put a 4 inch letter Q decal on my truck last year. Its the only decal other than a 4 in american flag on the other side of my back widow. I was at a walgreens and a lady with a Hillary bumper sticker made a rude comment loud enough for me to hear. I didnt even turn my head, I acted like I didnt hear her. A month later that woman was in Walgreens again in front of me holding up the line. She was trying to pay for her son’s prescription, but none of her credit cards would go thru. I cut past a few people in line and swiped my card and paid for her groceries. She had no idea who I was.
            She said there are no more people like me in this world and hugged me. I whispered back, there are a lot of us, you just have to know where to look. In the parking lot I was parked 2 spots over from her and as I was getting in, she was backing out. It was then she recognized my truck. The look of recognition was on her face briefly. She thanked me again and I told her to take care of her Son. In September, I ran into her again and learned she is a school teacher. Her school circulated a memo of what things are not appropriate for the students.. Q was at the top of the list.
            She told me I had a lot to do with her decision to #WALKAWAY and that she poster her own video. You see how God leads us in circles… After your post, I made up my mind to do more… The Lord is good… WWG1WGA

  6. “””he HAD become a Republican”””the founder

    Like the tea party…..wasn’t it co-opted??

    • Deplorable Patriot

      “In an interview with i24 News, Straka claimed not to identify with any political label other than “ex-liberal” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WalkAway_campaign#cite_note-14)
      I think many are missing the point of my story. That’s usually the Author’s fault(myself). In the title it says “if you are a Trump supporter”. As we know in many cases being a democrat or a republican does not matter. For example, James Comey, Sen. John McCain, , Rep J. Amish, R. Mueller, Rep. K Buck, Rep. C. Curbelo, Rep B. Hurd are all registered republicans. Do they support POTUS? NO. Thanks for your response.

  7. Thanks for the warning, Deplorable Patriot.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but without a link to the video so we can see for ourselves, how are we to know what to heed?

    • CogitoErgoSumantra


      It’s 42 minutes long. I sat through maybe 3.5minutes… zzz.
      Very polished production, very gay. Still not sure what he’s actually against now, except for the hatred of white men and maybe legal U.S. citizens.

      I’m not about to donate or join, but I appreciate any self-destruction among the Dems… and if these folks are genuine, I support their eye-opening (at least partial, on certain topics and talking points). But their candidates are setting themselves up for utter annihilation in 2020, and I can’t wait until they run screaming through the streets (and news studios), setting themselves on fire when DJT gets re-elected. Maybe they’ll mass-migrate to the “New Venezuela” when that happens. One can dream…

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Yes Dr. Eowyn , Posting a link to the video would have been better. Point taken and noted

  8. The demonrats will never get it. They don’t change what they’re trying to do. All they do is try different ways of selling the same defective, failed product.
    And now they’re going to try their oldest trick. Lie through deception, checainery, omission and claim that they are virtuous and the conservatives are evil. When the exact opposite is true. Everything that they are accusing the right of doing is really being done by them.
    Go ahead. Let them try to copy President Trump. There’s not way they can get it right. Copies never come out looking like the original.
    Their ranks are diminishing. The MSM is all in and they are doomed too.

    • US born Paki Muzzie Waleed Shahid, and his “Justice DemocRats” have already ripped off the Tea Party’s tactics to clean out the Trotskyite Liberal Neocons, by of course twisting and warping them. Interestingly, much of the dumb as a rock AOC’s staff are non-western immigrant descendents attempting to bring socialism/communism to the growing masses of non-western immigrant invaders being brought here by the DemocRat/Bolsheviks & their Trotskyite Liberal Neocon globalist comrades.
      The Wall should have been begun to be built in 1995 like the Republican Revolution of 1994 was brought in to do along with an immigration Moratorium. But CFR traitors like Newt Gingrich & Co of the Trotskyite Liberal Neocons hijacked it.

      Pat Buchanan should have been our President in 1992, or at least definently 1996, before the Neocons/DemocRats “colluded” & “Election meddled” with Communist China to steal the 96 elections………..

  9. A few months back Jason Goodman did an interview with Straka – I watch the entire hour long session and Straka appeared to me to be genuine and the reasons he gave for leaving the Dem party and his liberal friends were numerous and reasonable (not a typical conservative ‘conversion’ for sure but a very rational one) – Of course Jason is a die hard conservative and while Jason did make some compelling arguments for going completely to the his side of the spectrum, Straka still seemed to be finding his way on how much of a conservative he really was, but he was adamant he was definately no longer a liberal democrat – I believed him. Straka appeared to be an honest person with no hidden agenda – I agree his vid was over the top (for my taste) but he is an artistic type person so I thought his presentation natural for what his message was – appealing to other ‘artistic’ types maybe – anyhow – I think Straka is still in the process of figuring out what core conservatives have known for decades about liberals/democrats and progressives – he is not convinced they are evil or have an evil agenda, only that they do not promote individual thought and disention within their ranks. Given time I think Straka will remove the rest of the sleep from his eyes.


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