When You Can't Debate the Facts…

Just leave the conversation! Former President Clinton campaign advisor Simon Rosenberg couldn’t take the heat and bolted out of a Fox News interview when asked about Paul Ryan‘s plan to overhaul Medicare.
The former President Clinton and Paul Ryan were caught on tape stating the following: Clinton “But I hope the Democrats don’t use it (the New York-26 race) as an excuse to do nothing.” Ryan: “You know the math. I mean, it’s just we knew we were putting ourselves our there, but you’ve got to get out there, you’ve got to get this thing moving.”
Conservative talk show host Ben Ferguson and Rosenberg met on Fox News to discuss this issue.  Apparently, Simon Rosenberg didn’t like the way things were going.
Ferguson described the fearmongering Democrats have wretched up during the debate of overhauling Medicare.  Things heated up when Ferguson stated, “Fearmongering seems to win. We know there is a problem with funding.” Rosenberg can’t take the facts.  “I don’t think anything that’s happened in the last few months is fearmongering. What President Clinton was saying, if you put the two pieces together, look, it’s important we fix Medicare but the way you went about it was wrong. What he (Clinton) said was people will use is less, get sicker, and die quickly if we follow the Ryan plan.”
At the 2:57 mark, Rosenberg states: “Which (Ryan’s Plan) would have caused millions and millions of seniors to have much less care, it would have allowed millions of people to die more quickly as the President said. Ben, shut up! It’s a factual correct interpretation of the Ryan Plan. It would have killed people prematurely.”
Ferguson states, “There is no debate from your side. All you do is make commercials pushing an old woman off a cliff.”
Blah, blah, blah…Rosenberg then states, “Why should I be on this show if I can’t talk?” Rosenberg then proceeds to remove his microphone and walk off the set. 
Ah, the “tolerant”and “enlightened” liberal. Can’t handle the heat? Get out of the kitchen. Leftwing pathology on display.

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