When thoughts & prayers aren’t enough to end gun violence, wear a t-shirt!

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Remember, progressives tell us that “thoughts and prayers” are not enough to end gun violence.

Guess the only solution is to wear a t-shirt that says “Enough.”

From Yahoo:  Last week’s Thousand Oaks mass shooting is still at the top of many people’s minds, and Los Angeles area athletes are no exception. Before the Los Angeles Lakers faced the Atlanta Hawks at the Staples Center, many were spotted wearing tribute shirts with the names of the 12 people murdered at the Borderline Bar & Grill on the back and the word “enough” on the front.

After the game, reporters asked LeBron James to give his thoughts on the shooting, and he obliged.

“Probably the same that went through everybody’s mind: ‘Not again.’ Or ‘Wow.’ ‘What the hell.’ Probably some more explicit terms that I won’t same right here. it’s just how do we clean up this … It all comes back to this gun situation that we have in America and gun violence. I don’t definitely want to go into that right now, but I can do it at a later point. We know that these people are just being able to go and buy guns and do things with them and innocent lives are being taken at young ages. Young ages. You know, when I was younger we didn’t really have to worry about gun violence too much. I mean, if you had a problem with somebody you kind of fist it out and move on. And now, it’s like people are like shooting it out and don’t even have a problem with somebody. They just got a problem with themselves or a problem with the situation they’re in. It’s just very troubling times for everyone and for parents. It’s just how can you be comfortable with sending your kinds [sic} to school or sending them to church or sending them to the movies or sending them to the mall? Those are kind of like the great havens when I was growing up: school, church, go to the mall, go to a sporting event. That was like heaven. You know? And it’s kind of scary at this point in time. So, sorry to go in depth with it. But you guys asked.”

Read the whole story here.

Hey LeBron, when you going to show up in Chiraq wearing that t-shirt?


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6 responses to “When thoughts & prayers aren’t enough to end gun violence, wear a t-shirt!

  1. Yep, ENOUGH OF HIM, when he was young all black children as well as white children respected teachers and adults and kids went to the school yard to play basket ball, or went to the YMCA. There was no smoking pot and getting high or breaking in houses and cars and kids respected the police authorities, and they were happy with their boom boxes and then came YOU with the expensive sneakers and the big chains, you earned it, and so the kids wanted to be like you, and pot came along and pills and then the great pretender prince Obama came along and divided and conquered, the police is the enemy and the black neighborhoods neglected, no work, and Dr. King’s “I have a dream” became the nightmare this country has ever had.

  2. LeBron who?

  3. Hashtags and candlelight vigils will solve every problem in this world.
    It’s all about the feelz, ya feel me.

  4. Will Comrade Jebron Lames be giving up his armed security detail?
    Rules for thee but not for me from limousine liberal trust fund socialists.

  5. he’ll were that tee shirt in chiraq when they come out with the bullet proof version.

  6. Was the Bar and Dance Club where the Thousand Oaks shooting occurred a gun free zone? Why did none of the six policemen who were present have a weapon? Did any of them try to throw a chair at or try to tackle the guy while he was reloading?


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