When proggies advocate for UK-style gun control laws show them this: Police struggle to stop flood of firearms into UK

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Obviously banning guns means nothing, absolutely nothing, to those who are determined to break the law.

From The Guardian: Police and border officials are struggling to stop a rising supply of illegal firearms being smuggled into Britain, a senior police chief has warned.

Chief constable Andy Cooke, the national police lead for serious and organised crime, said law enforcement had seen an increased supply of guns over the past year, and feared that it would continue in 2019.

The Guardian has learned that the situation is so serious that the National Crime Agency (NCA) has taken the rare step of using its legal powers to direct every single police force to step up the fight against illegal guns. The NCA has used tasking powers to direct greater intelligence about firearms to be gathered by all 43 forces in England and Wales.

Another senior law enforcement official said that “new and clean” weapons were now being used in the majority of shootings, as opposed to guns once being so difficult to obtain that they would be “rented out” to be used in multiple crimes.

Cooke, the Merseyside chief constable, told the Guardian: “We in law enforcement expect the rise in new firearms to continue. We are doing all we can. We are not in a position to stop it anytime soon. Law enforcement is more joined up now than before, but the scale of the problem is such that despite a number of excellent firearms seizures, I expect the rise in supply to be a continuing issue.”

The increasing supply of guns belies problems with UK border security and innovations by organised crime gangs. Smugglers have increasingly found new ways and innovative routes to get guns past border defences.

Cooke said more are coming in from eastern Europe and the western Balkans and also component pieces are being smuggled in via the fast parcel system, hidden among a growth in packages because of the explosion of internet shopping.

Guns are being bought on the dark web and the UK is also seeing weapons designed for sports shooting being smuggled in, as well as blank firing weapons bought for just £100 being converted in the UK. Criminals have also obtained high end automatic weapons such as an AK47.

Cooke said that the dynamics of the streets of British cities had changed and that criminals were more willing to use guns: “If they bring them in people will buy them. It’s a kudos thing for organised criminals.”

He said said one factor was a reduction in police proactive work because of government budget cuts leading to big falls in officer numbers: “The ability of law enforcement to respond to this rise in the criminal use of firearms has been hampered by the large reduction in police officers and the resultant diminishing of proactive capability to keep these criminals on the back foot.”

Simon Brough, head of firearms at the NCA, said: “The majority of guns being used are new, clean firearms … which indicates a relatively fluid supply.”

He said shotguns were 40% of the total, with an increase in burglaries to try and steal them. Handguns are the next biggest category, most often smuggled in from overseas, with ferry ports such as Dover being a popular entry point into the UK for organised crime groups: “We’re doing a lot to fight back against it,” Brough said, adding that compared to other European countries, the availability in the UK was relatively lower.

Gun crime has been rising and the last set of official figures about recorded firearms offences, showing a 5% fall to 6,362 in the year ending June 2018, is seen as a blip against a trend of rising gun offences. Statistics released earlier in 2018 had shown gun crime up 11% in 2017/18, and in the same period, the Metropolitan police said discharges of lethal barrelled firearms rose by 23%. Compared to 2015/16, there has been a 67% increase in the capital alone.

Some in law enforcement tackling serious and organised crime believe more attention needs to be paid to that type of criminality, instead of just the intense focus on the terrorist threat. Cooke said: “The two greatest national security threats are terrorism and serious and organised crime. Nationally, we need to ensure serious and organised crime gets the same funding as the terrorist threat. More people die after getting shot by serious and organised criminals than by terrorists.”

Counter-terrorism sources tell the Guardian that the most likely route for terrorists in the UK to get guns will be from criminals, not by specifically importing them. In a 2016 case, a group of Isis-inspired terrorists led by Tarik Hassane, dubbed “the surgeon”, got a firearm from criminal contacts as part of a plot to stage drive by shootings.

The growing supply of guns in the UK, rising year on year according to intelligence reports, alarms those trying to stop a Paris-style marauding gun attack in the UK. They fear the more firearms are available, the easier it will be for terrorists to get them from criminals.

Cooke said: “If organised criminals have these guns, it’s not a big leap of faith that they will deal them to terrorists.”


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10 responses to “When proggies advocate for UK-style gun control laws show them this: Police struggle to stop flood of firearms into UK

  1. ===Cooke said: “The two greatest national security threats are terrorism and serious and organised crime.”===

    I would say that the two greatest threats are 1) the U.K. politicians that forced law-abiding citizens to give up their guns, and 2) the politicians that forced the Muslim migrants upon the disarmed British citizens.

  2. How right you are Maryaha! We will see a rise of crimes by Muslims using firearms instead of knives and acid.

  3. The sensible thing would be for the UK to repeal its gun control laws so that law abiding citizens can arm themselves against criminals’ attacks. I’m not holding my breath!

    • But the Brits, whose remarkable successes in battle even when outnumbered ten to one were due mainly to their poise and restraint in the use of weapons under fire, who can be armed to the teeth and drop like flies when it comes to fighting the banking cabal’s World Wars—these same men are said to be unsuited to protect their own families with even a handgun.

      Those behind this over there are the same alien enemy within looking to genocide whites of European ancestry over here. According to UK’s official National Archives, “More than one million British military personnel died during the First and Second World Wars, with the First World War alone accounting for 886,000 fatalities.” Both World Wars should now be looked at primarily as genocidal ethnic cleansing since the outcome has been a loss of sovereignty, of rights, and a culling of the flower of Europe’s manhood that would have been there to oppose today’s near-final victory by the enemy within.

  4. Once they take your guns you never get them back. Their owners want you helpless so, helpless you will be.

  5. Law-abiding citizens can’t get any guns at all, but ISIS-wannabes have AK-47s, RPGs and belt-fed PKMs.

  6. The British People didn’t learn a thing from America’s ongoing battle against Gun Control. They don’t gave a Constitution to protect their human rights,but they SHOULD have at least had the Common Sense to reject the earliest forms of Gun Control-if they can READ,they can see what’s happened to EVERY SINGLE Country who has outlawed gun ownership.

  7. Who is receiving the arms and why? Could it be to cause a reason to call on foreign forces, EU or UN, to promote “peace?” MI6 at work?

  8. I have a friend in England that has told me about all the bullshit a citizen has to go through to own a firearm. You are also not allowed to use it to defend yourself or family or property. Many types of firearms that you supposedly own you are not even allowed to have at home. However the criminals are not hampered by such restrictions… Go figure


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