When Polar Bears Fight Back

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KnockOut Game Fail – Head Punted to the Moon

Instant Karma: Dude Tries To Knock Woman Out But Ends Up Getting Rocked By Her And Her Boyfriend In Las Vegas!

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0 responses to “When Polar Bears Fight Back

  1. Good for them for fighting back!

  2. they should have popped a cap in his a**

  3. Good for them! White people have GOT to stand up to this race-based crap! (All people, actually).

  4. And then I hear,”Dude,she just hit him”-just watch-he’ll be blaming HER for beating HIM up.

  5. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes… good for her.

  6. *sniff* . . . . that brought a tear to my eye, I just love a happy ending!

  7. This “knock out” game is going to end with some deaths, probably sooner than later. It’s vile, inhumane, barbarism and that is on the bright side. If I were close to someone that was attacked like that, the .45 comes out, and one shot should do it.

  8. The knockout game has resulted in deaths, you must have missed them in lead tv news stories and newspaper headlines. (Sarc., of course.) As I say that, this is part of the strategy of national division, and the many good Americans of all races, including black, are the the targets of attack planned by this nation’s enemies.

  9. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    This is what should happen to every asshat that wants to play the “Get your head punted” game! Excellent! A good stopmp to finish it off would be nice!

  10. “I have two guns… One for each of you!” Doc Holiday to the drunk cowboy in “Tombstone.” 2 Guns, 2 fists, 2 steel toed feet, 2 elbows, 2 knees… you get the picture. Apply all liberally in this asshat parade of the marginally sub-human and criminally insane.

  11. Kevin J Lankford

    Whose the fool offering help to the perpetrator?

  12. Karma. Ya gotta love it. 😀

  13. Lance Jackson

    This has to happen millions more times before the elite, race baiters and petty jungle thugs get the message
    I’m sure the MSM will spin it to attackees overreacted and committed an unspeakable hate crime n a future negro brain surgeon or president
    since this vid came from world slime hiphop, I’m surprised the murder monkeys didn’t respond with 500 feral thugs ganging up on the couple


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