When NPR Outs Inflated Gun Statistics, Facebook Shoots Them Down

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Apparently, Facebook is an “equal opportunity” censor.

Recently, the liberal NPR put out a report revealing that government statistics on school shootings overshot the real situation by about two-thirds.

But when a Facebook user put the report out on his page, reaching 1,100 followers, Facebook was quick to take the post down as spam.

How touching: Fakebook is spreading the love.

Welcome to our world, NPR.


H/T: A Sweet Dose of Reality; Anne Berg

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6 responses to “When NPR Outs Inflated Gun Statistics, Facebook Shoots Them Down

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    No doubt they were just counting the number of scheduled ‘crisis drills’ thinking they would all be portrayed as real events by the media,….any how.

    All so, no doubt face book is feeling the pressure to portray its self as impartial, and may actually fool a few.

  2. My tone is ironic. No doubt what you say is true! NPR puts out one honest report (belying government stats), and Fakebook strikes it down. No doubt, keeping up appearances is the first priority for FB. Second only to that is making sure that gun control arguments are supported by fake stats.

  3. Cowardly bast*rds. Truth is like kryptonite to them.

  4. I got rid of my Facebook account earlier this month. Feels great!

  5. I find this situation “interesting”. We knew for a long time that the “news” was propaganda. Now there is absolutely no doubt about it and their position seems to be “you just select the lies you want to believe”.

    So, what we end up with are one, two, or several different lies. Anything truthful simply doesn’t get reported. “Truth” becomes the subject of their plans.

    Why would anyone accept that?

  6. Hah – guess those algorithms are working-to the chagrin of the left…lol.
    I truly dislike fakebook methods of attacking & silencing conservatives. What is worse is their complete lack of honesty hiding behind all kinds of bs when you know it is liberal power hungry individuals that work there disabling peoples accounts or posts. They think they are working for the “cause” or something.
    Nextdoor is the same-they completely monitor anything anyone says-first by idiot leads that delete posts if you wander off the ranch or “their” ranch with a gawd forbid difference of opinion. The comp elites are just as bad, picking an choosing what “community guidelines” adhere.
    All of them need a big slap in their smug faces.


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