When Neighbor Complains

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A city councilman in Utah , Mark Easton, had a beautiful view of
the east mountains, until a new neighbor purchased the lot below
his house and built a new home.
The new home was 18 inches higher than the ordinances would
allow, so Mark Easton, mad about his lost view, went to the city
to make sure they enforced the lower roof line ordinance. The
new neighbor had to drop the roof line, at great expense.
Recently, Mark Easton called the city, and informed them that
his new neighbor had installed some vents on the side of his
home… Mark didn’t like the look of these vents and asked the
city to investigate.
When they went to Mark’s home to see what the vents looked
like, this is what they found…

So, what did the orignal complaining neighbor see when he look out the window?

The City Council said the vents can stay since there is no ordinances referring to shutter design.
H/T  Roger Fredinburg

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  1. winstonsmith6079

    Some years ago in a “Human interest” filler in Popular Science there was a story about a fellow who complained about the pneumatic feed system a plastics factory had just installed. Hard, BB sized plastic pellets were being moved to the injection molding machines through sheet metal ducts mounted on the roof of the plant by air pressure and making one hekk of a racket, at all hours of the day AND NIGHT, in what had been a quiet neighborhood. When he complained to the City Council they’d just reply “How loud was it?” and do nothing! Well, he finally prevailed and the company insulated the ducts.
    Now, a short while later he was rebuilding and tuning up his motorcycle in his garage without the muffler attached. His neighbor, a City Council member, called the Police about the “excessive noise” the motorcycle was making. The Police arrived and were, quickly, accompanied by the complainant who was bellowing that the motorcycle was too loud! To which the ‘motorcycle mechanic’ simply asked his neighbor “How loud was it?”

  2. ROFL!!!

  3. That’s good!!!!!!

  4. NAMBY ( not in my back yard ) letter of the law vs American Spirit
    Getting even : priceless


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