When Michelle Visits Sesame Street

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0 responses to “When Michelle Visits Sesame Street

  1. this made my day! right next to pastor mannings trial!!!!

  2. I don’t know about you, Tina, but that made my day.

  3. Man I can’t get enough of that! Who overdubbed that anyway?

  4. This is one of the funniest things I have seen in quite a while!!! That said, I have watched more hours of Sesame Street than you all can imagine–four kids spread out over 13 years. I had not watched it in about 19 years until recently. This is not even the same show. Way too PC–that is ALL that it is!!! I am trying to encourage our grandbaby to watch nothing rather than this garbage.

  5. You guys do know that the fraud IS going after the small children {endoctrinating} thru the cartoon channels,just like they did during elections! I screen them very closely. Watch the green-earthday crap also!

    • Yep Tina we know. Nickelodeon has cornered to market on “re-education” of the nations children and now Disney has started to chime in. Pathetic.

      • It seems like there is something objectionable to me in almost every cartoon now. However, our baby loves to watch Little Brown Bear, and that is one of my favorites. It seems like Dora is on 24/7!


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