When Michelle Meets Harry

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Good grief. Demonrats are getting desperate about Harry Reid’s reëlection. They’re sending Michelle “the beard” Obama to Nevada on Tuesday to “help” Reid.
Amy Gardner of WaPo reports that Michelle

“will headline the Women’s Summit 2010 in Reno, and then she’ll join Reid at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas to promote “Let’s Move Outside!,” an initiative of the Department of Interior designed to encourage more outdoor activity among children.
The trip represents a rare political deployment for the first lady, who is sure to provide a media boost for Reid as he positions for what is expected to be a difficult reelection bid this year. Reid will face the winner of a highly competitive June 8 Republican primary. He has already spent $8.6 million this election cycle, but his approval ratings remain below 50% in most public polls. As of the end of March, Reid had another $9 million on hand, according to the Federal Election Commission.”

Of the 12 Republicans vying to challenge Reid, three have led most polls:  former state assemblywoman and TEA Party favorite Sharron Angle, former state senator Sue Lowden, and real-estate investor Danny Tarkanian.
Hell, I’d vote against Reid just BECAUSE of Michelle….
H/t beloved Fellowship member Tina!

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0 responses to “When Michelle Meets Harry

  1. Canadian Chick

    Do Michelle Obama’s kids pick her wardrobe for her?!!!!!

    • This looks like some little girls’ outfits at Gymboree in the mall!!! Who dresses this witch! Where is the wig–that pulled-back ball is NOT flattering.

  2. Love the look on the guys face behind Michelle…he truly looks frightened/disgusted!

  3. She definitely is a fashion model.

  4. I find her frightening! Hiding under the guise of outdoor area for children! What does that have to do with Harry Reid! What a riot! You see, she and her husband think we are all stupid. As a former Nevadan, we are not stupid. There are very intelligent, analytical people in Nevada. I am actually praying that Harry fail, because he calls evil, good, and good, evil. I went to his office to help a poor elderly man and received no help whatsoever. Three times I provided him detailed files and information as their office lost all of the two previous files I provided them. His staff didn’t care, and he didn’t care. I went to Senator John Ensign, a Republican senator, and immediately received assistance. I shall never forget the shotty response and service I received on behalf of this gentleman who is now deceased.

  5. Maybe she just got thru with Big Bird!


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