When Islam Attacks. Or It's just my turban, disregard the wires sticking out.

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Don't be dissing my camel...Or we KILL you..

Don't ever get between a Camel and his valet.

Umm, It’s back up. 
A sacred American tradition is under attack in America by Islam. If you know anything about Islam, this is not a great shock.
However, if we are to save America, we must fight back.
What is the attack?
It is Islam’s attack against free speech.
Anytime anyone criticizes Islam in a public forum the Islamists attack them. The most recent example of this is the Bare Naked Islam website.
The Bare Naked Islam website pulled no punches when it came to reporting on the horrors of Islam. Occasionally, some of the comments from readers were over the top, but that will happen on any site that has a controversial subject.
Criticizing Islam is absolutely forbidden in Islamic countries, and the Islamists want the same thing here in America. CAIR, the counsel for American Islamic Relations, led the attack against Bare Naked Islam.
WordPress hosted bare Naked Islam. According to Hillbuzz.org, WordPress deleted the Bare Naked Islam site after threats of violence against WordPress employees by Islamists.
CAIR repeatedly filed complaints with WordPress about Bare Naked Islam and WordPress has now deleted the site. Much of CAIR’s wrath towards Bare Naked Islam was apparently generated because of Bare Naked Islam’s participation in the boycott of sponsors for TLC’s propaganda show, “All American Muslim.”
Many critics scream this is an attack on the First Amendment. It is not an assault on the First Amendment. Islam is not the government. However, it is an attack on the underpinnings of freedom and liberty in this country.
Islam is an ideology of evil. It is another form of tyranny. The first thing tyrants abolish is the right of the people to speak freely. This is the goal of Islam in this country. The Islamists do not want the people of America to be able to speak freely, especially when it comes to the subject of Islam.
The Islamists do not want the millions of Americans to know exactly how EVIL it is. From pedophilia, to misogyny to genocide, Islam is pretty much an encyclopedia of evil
The ultimate goal of Islam is a world wide Islamic state. That makes Islam not that different from Nazism, Communism and other evil ideologies that have wanted to conquer the world.
We conservatives must stand against Islam and its tyranny.
Islam and freedom are not compatible. For Islam to triumph, freedom by definition must loose.
Hopefully the Bare Naked Islam site will be back up shortly and when it is, we at Tea Party Nation let everyone know.
2012 is upon us. We must all stand vigilant and make certain that 2012 is a year in which freedom and liberty advance.
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15 responses to “When Islam Attacks. Or It's just my turban, disregard the wires sticking out.

  1. To Hell with the Islamists.
    I have grown weary of these 7th Century illiterate primitives.
    Just kill them all, and let Allah sort them out.
    Of course, that would be Satan.

  2. “It’s just my turban, disregard the wires sticking out”
    That’s funny, Steve! 😀
    If only it’s not true….

  3. Oh just fork ’em and feed ’em camel-flea-free Couscous.

  4. In the light of all this, I get a newsletter from Dr Gary Cass entitled…DefendChristians.org He has been going to all the colleges that he can and explaining the dangers of Islam. His life will definitely be one of those in jeopardy so please remember him in your prayers. Pray for safety for him and that he reaches as many young people as he can!

  5. Doesn’t surprise me at all in today’s PC infested *ussified America.
    Afer all, the Islamists have had 1400 years of practicing their BS propaganda, and when you combine that with the recent surge in the rise of PC stupidity on the part of Western Civilization, well, there is only one inescapable conclusion that can be reached.
    We’re screwed.

  6. CAIR is enemy number one in this country now (next to numero uno Sklppy). Dangerous times…We must defeat them in 2012!!
    Happy New Year all!

  7. They’re moving behind the scenes here. The gullible have not seen through them yet. But they will perish on one rock, when they try to take away an Irishman’s Guinness! Let them try and they’ll receive a lesson they’ll never forget! We’ll kick them back to their deserts. Amen.

  8. McRib for Victory! (Bacon, too… everything goes better w/ it.)

  9. Bill Whittle on Character… compares Islam, Christianity and Judaism at 2:17, gets on Islam ensuring virtue through tyranny.

  10. Free Speech… as long as irritable, expansionistic Islamists like it! (Our forefathers did not die for Jahidists to party like it’s 799.)

  11. 2012 will be a year to remember,if these satanic evil inbred germs had a partial brain they would be packing up and leaving the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  12. Peace and love!
    Islam is peace and love, if it was like you said, i never be Muslim!


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