When Harry Meets Michelle

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What politicians do when they’re desperate to get reëlected:

Michelle Obama recently went to Las Vegas to help Harry Reid’s reëlection campaign. Reid must really be desperate….
H/t WeaselZippers!
P.S. Sharon Angle, Nevada TEA Party’s favorite, was elected in Nevada’s GOP primary yesterday! She will challenge incumbent Reid on November 2 for the senate seat. Go kick his skinny ass, Sharon! 😀

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0 responses to “When Harry Meets Michelle

  1. I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it:
    It’s Wayne Brady in drag.

  2. ROFL!

  3. What the heck reason are they resorting to this crap!!! And why is bubble-butt dressed like that to exercise? I am sorry, but these people are crazy!

  4. Canadian Chick

    Why does Mrs Obama continually wear clothing that emphasizes her girth?

  5. Are these people normal? If so- I am checking in to the mental ward lockup.

  6. Probable would have been nicer if Barny Franks had of been with Reid; and Rosie with Michelle.
    All these Demo-rats are totally out of it, no brains, no humor, no self esteem theyl al should go out and commit harakiri.
    Better yet, send all to Afghan and or other parts of the world where we need speed bumps to help stop the advancing advancing enemy. Better yet, why don’t we


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