When Football Becomes Your God

The Daily Mail reports, Nov. 22, 2011, that the first alleged victim of abuse by former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was forced to leave his school because of bullying, it has been revealed.
The boy, referred to as “Victim 1” in the Grand Jury’s Indictment of Sandusky, was seen by then-Penn State graduate assistant, Mike McCreary, in the university’s locker room shower, “with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky.”
Students at Central Mountain High School in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, blame “Victim 1”, now a 17-year-old senior, for the sacking of idolized Penn State football coach Joe Paterno for failing to act on claims of sexual abuse.
Mike Gillum, a psychologist helping the first alleged victim’s family, told PennLive.com other victims feared they would be outed.
Here’s Central Mountain High School’s contact info:

CMHS’s website

School’s principal is Karen Probst

Address: 64 Keystone Central Drive

Mill Hall, PA 17751

Phone: (570) 893-4646

Fax: (570) 893-4640


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9 years ago

I think Penn State should be held responsible for the education of the children that were abused by this fiend and they should not be outed and get a full 4 years in a curriculim of their choice that will at least get them a job in this dismal economy. Our educational system is in shambles and that is the least they could do.

Mike Griffin
Mike Griffin
9 years ago

They are known to have a extremely Strong homosexual lobby at the school. Ask for the school to be responsible is like asking the Fox to stop fro eating the chickens when he lives with the chickens. Our system of permissiveness and tolleration to pedophiles of the gay movement is the problem. Now we condemn what has happened. And when this case is all over it will be pedophile business as usual; just be more discreet about it for a while, and the gay recruiting will snare more and more of our youths. Take a look around, it is rampant… Read more »

9 years ago

Recent reports have indicated the NCAA is beginning to stir over this.
I hope they shut down PS’s football program until they (as well as the state of Pennsylvania) get their priorities straight.
As of right now, they clearly are not.