When folks in snow country get bored….

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. . . and here’s my favorite — a true work of art:
H/t FOTM’s pnordman

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0 responses to “When folks in snow country get bored….

  1. That was fabulous . . . especially the last one, where an artist sketched a landscape in the dirt on the car! People certainly are creative.

  2. What a great post! Now, I have some new ideas if our state gets some snow. : () Leeann

  3. Thanks Dr E, I needed that, especially after this past week of governmental calamities… (best laugh I’ve had in a while)

  4. Wow!! Some really witty people!! It almost makes snow fun….no, I take that back I STILL hate winter and snow. 😨

  5. Oh, I love it!!! :0) thank you!

  6. Those are great! 😀
    I needed the laugh.
    Believe me.

  7. Gee-up here we just do donuts on the Grocery Stores’ parking lots or sled down the highway on Lamoille Summit,or climb the ice fall in Thomas Canyon.
    This is TALENT stuff. I especially liked the “2 feet of snow” one.

  8. I mean,the stuff in the pictures is talent stuff. What WE do is just goofy fun.

  9. You haven’t lived unless you grew up on the Prairies or in the deep Winter country, live w/4′ or more of snow cover [not drifts!], and expect to shovel/move one foot a week, or more, steadily for at least three months….
    I gave everybody a ‘thumb up’ because they all ‘got it’ the first time, even the Southeners [I think there was one such who lives w/o snow].
    On my first 40 acre bush home, I spent one Winter up on the hill w/o going down to the road once for three months. We were pretty self-sufficient, and lived well. The main problem was being sure our animals all had more than enough feed, as they go through a LOT more when it got really cold in January [30 below].

  10. Josephbc69, a joke for you to use, your life has earned it, “What do people from the Northern Prairies do with their snow?” Answer: “They sell it to people from (choose your own object of derision) for landfill.”

  11. Dr. Eowyn, I enjoyed this post very much, thank you.

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