When did McDonald's start force-feeding kids?


‘Don’t you want kids to be healthy so they can live a long life?’ Girl, 9,  corners McDonald’s CEO at shareholders meeting

DailyMail: She may only be little, but Hannah Robertson  has a lot of big opinions – and an even bigger voice.
The nine-year-old showed it off at a  McDonald’s shareholders meeting in Oak Brook, Illinois on Thursday morning when she cornered the fast-food chain’s CEO, Don Thompson.
‘Mr. Thompson, don’t you want kids to be healthy so they can live a long and healthy life?’ she asked during the  meeting’s question and answer session.
Hannah has been well schooled in healthy  eating; her mother, Kia, is a children’s nutritional activist and creator of  “Today I Ate a Rainbow” – a game encouraging  children to eat different fruits.
She even appears in videos for her mother’s  business, showing other children how easy it is to eat healthily – and probably  amazing a few by munching on handfuls of kale and spinach.
I don’t think it’s fair when big companies try to trick kids into eating food. It isn’t fair that so many kids my age are getting sick,’ she said, suggesting the company targets children with its advertising.
But Thompson did not falter with his  response. ‘We don’t sell junk food,’ he  said, USA Today reporter. ‘My kids also eat McDonald’s.’
He added that he watched what his children eat, making sure they eats lots of fruit and vegetables at home, and that McDonald’s sells fruit, such as apple slices, in children’s meals.
He pointed out that McDonald’s has also started to sell fat-free chocolate milk. But he added: ‘I think it’s great that you  want to eat more fruits and veggies.’
The company has said it is committed to healthy living. Last September it made the move to list calorie information on  restaurant and drive-thru menus across the country. It added that there would be more options on its menus, such as eggs whites on breakfast sandwiches, more seasonal fruit and vegetables and sandwiches starting at 350 calories. Thompson said that because of these options, items such as Big Macs, fries and chicken nuggets account for  just 25 per cent  of the sales.
McDonald’s investors voted down all  shareholder proposals at the meeting on Thursday. One proposal asked McDonald’s to make an  annual report about its effect on global nutrition, and another wanted the  company to report on potential human rights violations in its global  business.
Another speaker at the meeting asked that  McDonald’s remove its locations from hospitals, while others asked it to stop targeting communities of color by signing stars such as Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas and the NBA’s LeBron James.
McDonald’s is just doing what any private company can do – advertise to target demographics, sell products, and make a profit for their shareholders. They’ve responded with healthier options on their menus too. Shouldn’t parents be blamed for forcing McDonald’s down their childrens’ throats?
Seems to me that Hannah just wanted to get some attention for her mother’s business (or her mom set it up).

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The honesty of a child vs. the hypocrisy of an adult… But what was she doing at a share holders meeting? Do her parents own stock in McDonalds?


We seldom eat out and our food at home is well balanced, with no snack food junk or preprepared pseudo food. The kids get to go to MacDonalds as a “treat” to get away from the healthy stuff they get at home. Everyone needs a little variety in their diet and a Big Mac or Quarter pounder is better for them than pie or cake in my humble opinion. My oldest daughter’s first solid food was a MacDonald’s french fry and it is a delightful memory to still see it clenched in her tiny fist.


95% of sales are made to adults. Why don’t they start blasting parents for what they feed their kids! She must be one of Bloomberg’s kids.


Just another poster child for the nanny state to rill out in an attempt to contol our lives through intimidation.


Remember that face ! In 20 or so years she’ll be on the floor of the House as a rep from Ill. screeching out a one minute speech about some left-wing nonsense .


Giving away toys with food is no new concept. She should go after Cracker Jacks and all of the cereal companies. God knows that most of that crap is just puffed sugar laden with preservatives and thing I can’t pronounce. 7-11 sells collector slurpee cups for Harry Potter, transformer and a host of other kids movies BTW All of the Mickey-D’s commercials that I hear are for iced coffee and sweet teas and breakfast sandwiches. What the hell happened to parenting, if your going to leave it up to government, DO NOT HAVE KIDS!!!