When Commies Attack

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Speaking for myself, I hope the cops beat the crap out of the punks.
Additionally,  twenty of their malodorous comrades were arrested by Atlanta police officers for refusing to leave Woodruff Park by eleven pm.
I have to admit I am surprised Mayor Kasim Reed (think Obama, Jr.) is actually allowing the cops to arrest the parasite-infested trespassers.
Perhaps he is worried the private park’s owners are going to sue the city for damages.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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0 responses to “When Commies Attack

  1. These assholes will never get it. They will push it too far.

  2. Dang it, where’re their parents? (Hey, folks, come get your kids!)

  3. Nothing short of mayhem….
    I’m wondering why no cops drew out their weapons? When attackers get that close to a cop, there’s a good chance they can get to the cop’s gun. You’d be a fool to straight up mess w/a cop like that in LA, I’m guessing. But maybe not…seems these commies have nuetered our police forces lately.

    • Big-city gov’t Demo-rat/RINO incumbents don’t want to annoy all those registered voters (some multiply, thanks to ACORN) who’d elect a more left/libtard-friendly replacement.

  4. I commented on the Huff post the other day. What I said isn’t important, but the reply that was sent to me is. And it is simply because we have people like the one who replied to my post is indicative of a lot who are in denial, or have been educated in public schools where they are told a line if BS.
    This person told me that commies don’t exist anymore, that the cold war is over, that that we defeated them. I am still stunned that someone could be so naive and out of touch. Communist Party USA never went away, they only quieted down for a few years.

  5. These freakin’ ‘bleeps’! I am just stunned at their audacity… it amazes and saddens me to call these people ‘fellow American’s’… makes me want to throw up….


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