When a bad day at work got even worse

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H/t Ken R.

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18 responses to “When a bad day at work got even worse

  1. Holy Moly! Looked like building #7 coming down on 9/11

    • Well, not really. Offhand what I saw in this video was the destruction of an isolated support column causing an asymmetrical domino effect coursing around the aisles, while the NIST fairy tale about Bldg 7 has the supposed failure of a single, off-center column impossibly causing a perfectly symmetrical collapse of the building into its own footprint with effectively zero lateral forces like in this video. If this video had any resemblance to Bldg 7, or the NIST fairy tale about collapse generated by the failure of a single column had the slightest validity, the video of Bldg 7’s collapse would show either nothing much happening beyond some crumpling, or, the upper part toppling over like in this video and causing a chain reaction after hitting adjacent buildings.

  2. “Cleanup on aisle 3… and 4. Wait… make that aisle 5 and 6 too.”

  3. Wow, I hope those guys are ok!

  4. I was expecting to see some boxes falling, I didn’t see that coming…
    I hope everyone made it out safely. Wow!

  5. That was downright scary. I can only imagine how the guys who ended up being under that avalanche of boxes felt!

    • Auntie, so good to see you’re back!

      All I can say is I sure hope s/he was able to get WCB coverage, although who knows, the way things are nowadays the board would probably tell him it was his fault for not taking care that he had enough room, so they’re not going to allow his claim!

      This is a good demonstration of why modular systems are often not constructed to be as strong as they need to be under duress, but rather to a lower standard for economy and mass merchandising.

  6. The guy who couldn’t drive the fork lift had a ‘cage’ on top of him. Whether it was enough to help him from not being killed…? But it looks like he may have been thrown off the seat of the forklift in the initial collapse.

  7. No wonder my order was delayed.

  8. Does anyone know where this happened at? There had to be someone seriously injured. It was liquid in the initial collapse of racking. The racks were not strong enough to hold the combined weight of the items stored on them… A standard 40×48 pallet will hold 30 1 gallon jugs per layer. Water weighs 8.33 lbs per gallon. There are 6 layers per pallet for 1500lbs net weight. Add the pallet weight along with the boxes and containers and you have over 1600 lbs per pallet…. They are stacked 6 pallets high with 24 pallets per section of racking…. That is 38400lbs or 19.2 tons per section. the rack system is 50 sections long… That is 960 tons… I saw 4 aisles of racks collapse for a total of 3840 tons… I had to watch the video about 8 times to make the calculations… Someone really screwed up….

  9. So I read this article in Taki’s Mag today:


    And that’s how it’s done. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities…”

    • I note that they are getting increasingly open about this now. They are trying to condition censorship as normal. They are also pushing the idea that “experts” are better equipped to make those determinations.

      The Odor is here. Those who are waiting for an announcement will be waiting a long time.

  10. I hope the workers are okay, but what would make my heart sing was if this was Bezo and his whole company. The damage that man has done to this country and his workers and the taxpayers is horrible. We, the tax payer pick up the slack for his USPO deal where his company doesn’t pay full costs on shipping. He uses his resources such as the Post to attack our President. The Guy is worth 150 billion and he still wants more. His company is destroying smaller companies and one day when it is too late, the people might wake up.

  11. I hope the material handler’s OK, too, but he will ultimately bear the blame for using bad judgment in thinking he could squeeze by.

    I wish the camera angle could’ve covered to fully see what was going on at the bottom of the video, but I’ll just speculate that other work was going on at the end of the aisle.

    I don’t know why the end of the aisle was obstructed with the pallet jack & what looks to be a couple of skids in the MIDDLE of the aisle. Aisles n warehouses are normally wide enough to easily allow a couple of forklifts, cherrypickers, etc. to pass each other.

    Whoever put those skids in the middle contributed to the accident.

  12. I retired from a “large” communications company a few years back. 22 years of: If you get hurt on the job, you were not following company policy… most of the guys that I knew over the years who did get hurt (one way or the other), went home and reported it as a household incident.
    The Safety manual was literally a library.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  13. That’s gonna leave a mark.


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