What's Your News IQ?

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What’s your news IQ?
How well do you know current affairs?
To find out, take the Pew Research Center’s interactive quiz about prominent people and major events in the news.
Then see how you did in comparison with 1,002 randomly sampled adults asked the same questions in a recent national survey conducted by Pew.
To take the quiz, CLICK HERE!

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0 responses to “What's Your News IQ?

  1. 11 of 12 here, too. Screwed up the TARP question.

  2. 11 on 12…not bad. I may be smarter than I thought.

  3. 9 out of 12, better than 86% of the public…I missed the google question, no surprise there, I suck at technology stuff!

  4. 9 out of 12 too. For the ones I got wrong I almost chose the correct answer so I should have stuck with my gut instinct. It was fun.

  5. I got 9 correct.

  6. 10 of 12. Screwed up the TARP question and honestly thought we spend the most money on national debt interest.

  7. 9 of 12 correct…
    Not sure why I thought India and Pakistan were “generally” friendly. Neither are at war.
    Who really cares about the prime minister of Britain?
    I thought social programs – SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc were the largest killers of the budget. National defense? Go figure.
    Inflation at 1%? They’re lying!

    • Thomas,
      That 1% is the official inflation rate claimed by our rulers, but I don’t believe that either. Just look at yesterday’s reports about steep rises in food costs.
      As for the question on which accounts for the largest share of the budget, the question was deceptive. Instead of all social programs (SS, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, etc.), the question only gives Medicare. Include the other social programs and entitlements, and they are the largest share of the federal budget.

    • Thomas,
      The enmity between India and Pakistan is a longstanding one, going back to the partition after India gained independence from Britain. It’s ethnic and religious based, Pakistan being Muslim and India mainly Hindu. Partition entailed some say the biggest human migration. There’s territorial dispute also, over Kashmir. In recent years, tension is exacerbated because both have become nuclear powers.

  8. I got eleven right, but I do not feel very smart when it comes to figuring out what these clowns in Washington are doing.

  9. Glad to be in the 11 out of 12 club with such great company.
    Disappointed I missed the question on Federal expenditures.
    Maybe I should run for Congress!

  10. Thomas, India and Pakistan have a “cold war” going on. several years ago, there was a real threat of a nuclear exchange; the threat still exists, but has been tamped down a bit.
    Get ahold of “War at the Top Of The World” by Eric Margolis if you are interested in the topic.

  11. I missed one damn it! Zorro,where have you been???


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