What's wrong with this video?

The “terrorists” that Homeland Security uses in this video don’t look anything like the real terrorists of this world.
Since Rammadan began just 20 days ago, the “religion of peace” has been responsible for 107 terror attacks and 466 deaths, according to the religionofpeace.com. Number of terrorist attacks and dead bodies resulting from said attacks by “anti-muslim right wingers”: BIG FAT ZERO.
You can be as PC as you want Janet Napalitano, it’s not going to change the FACTS.

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8 years ago

Those dang white people, you have to watch ’em every second… But, seriously, there’d be a menacing soundtrack and bad folk would wear black like that in real life to tell you to pay attention? (We’re pitching this to people who do nothing but watch TV and play X-box?) And where exactly is this supposed to be? (I take it it’s a train station because airports don’t look like the original Smithsonian building and it’s too nice to be Greyhound– not that Amtrak is overly nice or busy either.) Okay, if someone purposely leaves something unattended that might be bad,… Read more »

8 years ago

Naps,is being impotent while she can. She is a disgusting piece of work.

8 years ago

What DHS is telling us is that white people are the enemy.

Jim Satnan
8 years ago

Redefining what a terrorist is by resembling more like an average white Tea Party member than jihadist extremism. TSA is also redefining profile of terrorist as white. It is an all out effort by our putative president’s Marxist regime to confuse those uninformed American people who are likely to believe this BS. I think liberals are underestimating the intelligence of the people and the Tea Party movement who will not allow this misdirection of leftist propaganda to take hold. The video is a joke — an insult to the American people as is liberal extremist thinking and desperation when dealing… Read more »

8 years ago

well considering that it is white people that are being attacked you had the witchita 6, the beat whitey night at the iowa state fair last year, beat whitey at the wisconsin state fair, and other attacks classified as not being racist in nature because all the victims are white and the attackers are black therefore the obama administration and the atty gen. holder are showing the anti white sentiment among the powers that be. and the mentality of msm and others that have been calling anyone who disagrees with obama a racist.. labeling the tea party as a bunch… Read more »