What's wrong with this picture? Ebola-Stricken Nurse Being Transferred

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ABC News: A second Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola was transferred Wednesday to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta (see above photo).
An ambulance with a crew clad in hazardous-material suits arrived at the hospital and left for Dallas Love Field. There, aerial video showed the crew leading a person in a yellow hazmat suit and booties onto a jet. The executive jet lifted off about 5 p.m. Wednesday on its flight to Atlanta.
A statement from the Atlanta hospital said Amber Joy Vinson was being transferred to Emory from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. However, a spokeswoman for the Dallas hospital declined to confirm that Vinson had been removed from the facility.
Vinson was one of the nurses who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died at the Dallas hospital last week of the Ebola virus. Another of Duncan’s nurses, Nina Pham, is also being treated for Ebola and was in “improved condition” Wednesday, Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said.
Meanwhile, an American doctor undergoing treatment for Ebola said he had been critically ill but is now recovering and expects to be discharged soon from Emory University Hospital.
The unidentified patient — a doctor working for the World Health organization at an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone — arrived at the hospital on Sept. 9. He said his condition worsened soon after he arrived but he is now much better.
The doctor is one of three American aid workers brought to Emory from West Africa; the other two recovered. Emory and three other U.S. hospitals have specialized isolation units to care for Ebola with less risk of spread to health care workers.
The WHO doctor requested Emory release the statement, given the news about the two recently infected Texas nurses. But he did not give his name, and hospital officials have refused to identify him, citing the wishes of the patient and his family.

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0 responses to “What's wrong with this picture? Ebola-Stricken Nurse Being Transferred

  1. And what about the guy standing there wearing no protective clothing at all?

  2. Why are we forced to deal with this in the first place; importing a disaster from which we are isolated by natural boundaries; and why isn’t there a protocal in place and why as PMB pointed out aren’t these individuals observing it?
    Wasn’t the Guatemalan virus enough?? When is America going to WAKE UP? DC has sold us all out.

  3. You know, I don’t think “those in charge” have figured out that the reason the virus hasn’t spread throughout Africa is because striken people travel from village to village on foot in contrast to flying, taking a bus, a train, etc. from town to town with scores of people on board. It’s common sense that something like this will spread much more rapidly here than there. But then again you know what they say about common sense, it’s like deodorant, those that need it most don’t have it.

  4. Something about the whole Ebola story seems shifty. I smell a rat.

  5. Here’s my take
    #1-obummer is on the side of terrorists proven by his actions
    #2-The terrorist lady (forgot name) has stated she wanted to use an ebola-like virus to spread and kill as many as possible.
    #3- obummer refuses to restrict access of people from Africa.
    Thus, this is a controlled test to see if wide scale sickness is possible by terrorists. In other words this is a quasi-dry run by terrorists
    It is clear obummer only does what he knows is NOT in the peoples’ best interest

  6. I firmly believe (and I am not deluded) that obunko wants this virus to spread through Europe and the US since he and his handlers intensely hate America and whites especially. he has also just about erased the Southern border. He has the primitive races firmly behind him and he knows that it whites and other non negroids utter a peep they will be labeled as RAYCISS.
    I reply to them regularly, “yeah I’m a raycist, what does that make you leftist liberals and some of the most hateful raycists there are come from 3rd world primitive areas.
    This luciferian illuminati shoeshine boy knows exactly what he is doing. he and his political kind have sold their souls to satan and are under his protection.
    we re coming up on the end game

  7. My crochet teacher’s mother works in a nursing home. She shared with me last night that Texas has one of the WORST habits in dealing with heath issues of patients and care and welfare of the healthy. Nurses not wearing gloves, masks, along with not putting contaminated clothes in laundry bags but carrying them around. It was quite an eye opener!

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  9. Exactly:
    mass transport=mass contamination
    mass communication=mass misinformation
    Who paid for patient Zero’s airfare?
    When you find out, then see who they work for.
    U.S.A. has the Patent on the Ebola virus?
    Riddle me that Batman
    Is all this supposed to freak out everyone so they vote “D”?

  10. Thanks for your article: “What’s wrong with this picture? Ebola-stricken Nurse Being Transferred”. Translation Ebola really very dangerous, very fortunate that this current epidemic is under control. Nurses are brave, sometimes marginalized. I only wish in the future, all of them healthy. Thank you, I will share this post, I will be back blogging again.


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