What’s wrong with government in one graph

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Federal vs per capita

The average yearly salary of a federal government employee is $78,467.

The average annual per capita (per person) income of Americans is $42,693.

That means the average federal employee makes $35,774 MORE THAN the average American.

But it’s average Americans who pay the taxes that pay the bloated salaries of government employees.

H/t Zero Hedge


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0 responses to “What’s wrong with government in one graph

  1. That’s not enough information. In fact, this is a great illustration of how statistics can be used to prove just about anything, whether it is factual or manipulated to slant for a particular viewpoint. Now, let’s have a little more fact to go with this blanket statement. Who did you include in the Federal Employees graph? And who are the “average citizens” you cite? Are you taking into account that in order to be a federal employee you usually have to have at least a college education? Did you include just that same strata of education in your “average citizen” information? In other words, if this is not an “apples to apples” comparison it is inherently skewed. And no, I am not a federal employee and know of few people who are. I have been in and out of the District enough and read a lot.
    Now, if you want to talk about the employees of the Senate and Congress who have outrageous benefits, including a pass on insider trading, and pensions that ought to be scandalous, then I’m behind you all the way. But let’s not pick on those who have justly earned their pay.

    • Good grief, Cathy, you clearly don’t know the meaning and definition of the word “average” — as in “average” federal employee pay, and the “average” U.S. per capita income.

      The word “average” = a number that is calculated by adding quantities together and then dividing the total by the number of quantities.
      “Average” federal employee salary = the sum of ALL federal employees’ salaries divided by the total number of federal govt employees, including members of Congress with all those “outrageous benefits,” military, etc.
      “Average” U.S. per capita income = the sum of all Americans’ incomes divided by the total number of people in the United States.

      As for all federal employees being required to have “at least a college education,” don’t make me laugh. A college education isn’t even a requirement to be a member of Congress.

  2. Breathtaking!

  3. What is breathaking fuzzy is that private salaries have not kept up, and continue to erode. People have been beating up on the federal employees like my husband, who works long hours and rarely ever takes any leave, because of the demands of the job.. He also has taken maybe at the most one sick day a year over a period of many years. The job has taken a toll on him, and it is starting to show. But he loves his job, and his devotion to those he serves (the mlitary) is second to none.

    • And yet our military personnel are paid way below the average fed govt employee level. My military guy, an officer, received less than $1.00/day in hazardous pay while serving in Afghanistan, on top of his regular pay. It sure took a toll on him to be in a war zone, being rocketed, and having to work 7 days a week, 12 hours plus per day (except Sundays when he only had to work 8 hrs/day). He came home with a lot more gray hair yet still alive.

  4. I’ve worked in positions both on Wall St. and in the Federal Gov’t. that enjoyed disproportionately high pay. This can be justified by the market — aside from temporary distortions in the price of labor — by such things as a need for extraordinary competence, strong work ethic, and loyalty — all good things. But I also noticed that more often than not, it led to a Faustian Bargain. To me, the Faustian tendency explains a lot about the conduct and function of the Federal Government today.

  5. I would argue that the problem is that the Average Americans salaries are too low, except for the bloated exec’s at the top. They need to repeal NAFTA and all of these other foreign trade agreements that have cost Americans jobs and kept Americans wages too low forcing them to have less and less expendable income. Americans, if they are lucky enough to have a job, are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, If they legalize the illegals, wages will fall through the floor and the new world order will have us all as slaves. And no I’m not racist. You don’t have to have chains to be a slave. Poverty and the need to support your family will do that to almost anyone. This rotten government of ours has to be held accountable. No more corporate and crony giveaways. Make them pay taxes like everyone else. These huge multinational corporations using our military and abusing our citizens for their own greedy corrupt causes has to stop.

    Here is a new state side example. Did you realize that this month Military helicopters are going to be flying barely above the tree tops in the St. Louis area. They are going to be carrying high tech sensitive equipment to look deep underground for minerals, including GOLD. This is being done for the mining industry by the NGS on our dime. And were BROKE! Makes me sick! At least that’s the story, or are they up to something more nefarious?


  6. . . . and have you ever noticed when you visit a Federal government facility, how very slowly they administer the power they hold. The disparity in wages is so gross, it is beyond belief. Then it comes to mind that we borrow 46 cents of every dollar we spend. Many federal employees aren’t even worth what a person in the private sector doing the same kind of work earns!

  7. Again, just common sense. It is so obvious, and yet people just go on oblivious to it all. At least some people recognize it and address it. Thx!

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