What’s Up with the Kill List?

Remember the old days when Nixon’s White House “Enemies List” had the country in an uproar?  Why does Obama’s “Kill List” get a pass?


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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
7 years ago

A 1996 study found that 89% of Washington-based reporters said they had voted for Bill Clinton in 1992; only 7% voted for George Bush; 2% chose Ross Perot. Asked “How would you characterize your political orientation?” 61% said “liberal” or “liberal to moderate.” Only 9% identified themselves as “conservative” or “moderate to conservative.”


Alice Wolf
7 years ago

Ideology is something that is hard to grasp and it gets muddled up with party affiliations. The party becomes the thing that must win, and the issues are pushed to the side and the ideology is perverted to accomodate the party line. Or not as the case may be. We see ideology going down the drain and even the Constituion is not regarded as the authority governing affiliations and ideologies. It’s rather like the best china, it’s hardly ever used, mostly on ceremonial occasions. I was going to say Jesus, but now even the word God is not even being… Read more »