What's Up? Watsonville, CA Jan 20th 2012

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0 responses to “What's Up? Watsonville, CA Jan 20th 2012

  1. 120 tanks going where?

  2. at this point anything could happen.

  3. I recall a recent story about the government providing military equipment to local law enforcement agencies. It could be routine. That’s just one heckuva long freight train!

  4. could be vehicles coming back from Iraq

    • If they’re tanks that were deployed in Iraq, it’d make more sense to ship and unload them in some east coast port, instead of California. It’s a long way from Iraq to America’s west coast.

  5. They look awfully dark to be desert tanks. Those are usually painted desert camo. What do you guys think about this?

    • Could be product sold to another country, not in the middle east. Manucaturer may be shipping to a port in california for shipment overseas.

  6. Curious….never seen anything like that and I live by a major post.

  7. They are 1980s equipment, off to be decommissioned or destroyed/recycled. (Naturally, my mind races to the expressed plan for a “civilian military force” to deal with internal issues. I’m trying to not think that way tonight.)

  8. Hooorraaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wait a minute…….Those are United Nations tanks. Are we now under Global Control.

  10. If they are being decomissioned…. I’ll take 3 please! 😉

  11. That’s a LOT of Bradley fighting vehicles. (I didn’t know there were so many left in one place that hadn’t been painted tanbecause of the war yet.) Those tankers are the fuel trucks that support them. 1 Mech Infantry company has 14 Bradleys, a battalion has 58 (four companies plus 2 more Bradleys for the battalion commander, etc.)… this would be about two battalions’ worth if 120. Since those fuelers (12) are going-with, somebody’s planning on driving them around operationally where they’re going.

  12. Sorry to bring you down from your heights of despair or delight, but the last time I drove through the area [three times in my life, actually, as I prefer the alternative route] there is a huge US Army Reservation for tanks and other equipment. It’s thousands of acres parallel to the Pacific, ‘tween Watsonville and Carmel, if I recall correctly. That was where I saw the cougar bound across the two lane blacktop road in three leaps, covered more than thirty feet and was gone as fast as s/he appeared. Twas twilight, a never to be forgotten sight!!

  13. Dennis H. Bennett

    On the more pessimistic side, they may be headed for Nigeria, Somalia, Bangladesh, or wherever, where their color is an advantage.

  14. Too bad they are not headed for the White House!

  15. Because of a possible earthquake.

  16. They are probably comming here to take the rest of our rights and lives! I wouldn’t put anything past these sorry Socialists in our government!
    Semper Fi.


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