What’s up, Doc?

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0 responses to “What’s up, Doc?

  1. Hi “Doc”,

    I’ll be extending my absence from FOTM a little longer, to get some emotional rest, and pray more effectively.

    My best to you and the others until a few more days have passed,

    ~ TD

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn and Break! Dr. Eowyn knows that I love squirrels and they are all over my deck on a daily basis. One time I became very friendly with one of them, feeding him peanuts from my hand. I ran out of peanuts and then he bit my finger hard thinking that my finger was a peanut! Ouch! Blood all over! I ran to my doctor and I had to get the appropriate shots. But when I told him the story, he laughed at me (LOL)! We need these breaks from the battle that is going on! Thank you God for your wonderful creatures!

    • Joan,

      Years ago, my husband and I used to bring a bag of peanuts-in-shells on our daily walk, for the rock squirrels who live among the rocks in the Marina. They got so accustomed to being fed that when I called out to them, a mob of them would come running toward us. I would bend down and hold out a peanut in my hand, and the squirrels would politely take the peanut from me. One fateful day, a plump squirrel (one of my faves), mistaking my finger for the peanut, bit me! I had to go to Emergency Room to get a shot of antibiotics and a very painful tetanus shot as well. LOL


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