What's the young version of Dirty Old Men?

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Precocious Little Buggers!

H/t my pal Mark McGrew

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0 responses to “What's the young version of Dirty Old Men?

  1. Hay who released this video of me… Many years ago…

  2. Dayem, and I thought I had buried all those old vids of me.
    I wish. 😀
    Just oink.

  3. And the babe @ 0.14 in the white shirt and jeans is just – oh, never mind.

  4. LOL – And I will just pretend I didn’t see the final scene.

  5. happy sigh….I know I’m not supposed to be envious….
    but youth is sooo wasted on the young 🙂

  6. cool.. but my dog bear got away with much much more i can’t count the number of times while we where at the beach with his frisbee and he would jog over to some women laying out on their blankets and when one of them would stand up to greet him he would promptly go around to their back side and stick his big nose right between the cheeks which in some instances resulted in the woman jumping up and causing a bra malfunction which resulted in in one instance a boyfriend getting upset that his girls tits had popped out and he looked at the dog and then at me and he was saying who’s dog is that and i immediately replied thats not my dog just as the dog shoves his frisbee into my hand. oddly igor tried to be a butt sniffer just like his dad but tended to get into more trouble and angryness from the womens whose butts he sniffed while bear tended to get away with anything

    • If only you have a video cam. LOL

    • igor,
      I once had a dog that liked to sniff women, too, but he wasn’t a butt guy – he was more like that last kid in the video.
      One time a female acquaintance of mine was over at my house taking a shower, and I was in the kitchen working on dinner.
      She didn’t quite close the bathroom door all the way, and I heard a commotion coming from upstairs.
      Then I heard a scream (although I’m pretty sure I heard a couple of giggles, too).
      My dog, who was a 78 lb. Lab-Doberman mix, had gotten into the shower with her and gone right after it.
      I bought and cooked him a steak on the grill the next day. 😉

  7. When I was in high school my little brother was 5. A friend and I were at my house getting ready to cheer at one of the football games. Me and my parents were sitting at the table eating when we heard a horrible scream.
    He had hid in the laundry hamper with the video camera until my friend got into the shower. Luckily, he didn’t remove the lense cap!

  8. At least they aren’t gay.

  9. Boys will be boys 🙂


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