What's a "Witch Baby"?

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The pro-abortion, oops, pro-“choice” crowd had a Rock 4 Reproductive Justice thingy in Victoria, BC, on October 22, 2011.
Since “reproductive justice” is the Orwellian newspeak for abortion, this event really is Rock 4 Killing Babies. But then if there’s truth-in-labeling, no one would come. So much better to delude everybody with the nicer-sounding “reproductive justice” — with emphasis on the word “justice.” After all, who can possibly object to justice? — except, of course, the aborted babies, oops, fetuses, oops, “parasites”.
Joyce Arthur, who wrote the article, “The Fetus Focus Fallacy,” was there and posted pictures from the event on her Facebook page, including this poster of the stage schedule:

So what’s a “witch baby”? I almost dread to know the answer….

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  1. Evil, selfish people….

  2. I read part of the article by the GENOCIDER who says mothers determine whether or not a baby is a baby on the basis of their “feelings”. Truth of the value of a human life is “subjective” defined by “feelings” — not facts. Therefore, “what happens when” someone who hates your particular “group” of people — decides on the basis of their “feelings” you’re an “it” not a person?? And the GENOCIDE leaves the WOMB and GOES STREET LEVEL. This author of this article — I will NOT be FEELING SORRY FOR “IT” WHEN GOD strikes “it” dead for it’s MURDEROUS VENDETTA against BABIES. JUDGMENT is coming to the USA — and I say, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus – in Revelation 19 wrath in power to judge and make war in righteousness treading out the fury of the winepress of the wrath of God. COME QUICKLY — and take care of “that”.”

  3. I believe Witch Baby is a music group.
    How IRONIC….they had a “Crafts 4 kids” table at the event. Isn’t it lovely that those kids not aborted could participate with those that support abortion?

  4. Ah yes, Justice. Reminds me yet again one of the many reasons I joined “Team Evil.”
    Also, judging by the context, I believe “Witch Baby” in this case is a band or something. Or else it’s a lecture about how to kill witch babies, in which case I need to start protecting my kind.

  5. The controversial 1980s book, “Michelle Remembers” , written by a psychiatrist, detailed witch/satanic rituals included killing babies took place in Victoria, B.C.

  6. ROLMAO !

  7. I found this on-line: WITCH BABY By Francesca Lia Block
    after reading review it’s a strange book…

  8. Not only being ‘punished with a baby’ but a witch babies no less!
    Good one, Terry. 🙂

  9. Thank you for exposing Joyce Arthur’s agenda! Thank you, Dr.Eowyn for all of the research you do in such a painstakingly accurate manner!


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