What's a Racist?

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The word “racist” is being used a lot in American politics.
Sometimes it seems everyone is a racist, except if you’re a Democrat or black or, best of all, both.
So it’ll be really helpful if we have a really clear and good definition of “racist” because I sure don’t wanna be one!
Ever on the cutting-edge, FOTM has found such a definition! 😀

H/t FOTM’s Laura B.

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0 responses to “What's a Racist?

  1. Kinda like having a congressional white caucus. Wonder if we could get away with that!

  2. Gerald Goldberg

    All three blame someone for ALL their problems.
    The BLACK blames the WHITE for all his problems.
    The JEW blames the GOYIM for all his problems.
    The WOMAN blames the MAN for all her troubles.
    ALL three play the part of the PARASITE.
    They LIVE off their HOST.
    Without their HOST they would STARVE.

    • Hey, Goldberg,
      I’m a woman, and I don’t blame men for my problems.
      A longtime member of FOTM, Will, is a conservative Black man and a patriot.
      One of my friends, Sol, is a conservative Jew and a patriot.
      So watch your generalizations!
      Come to think of it, isn’t Goldberg a Jewish name?

    • Not the Jews… Muslims blame them for everything.

    • Ruf mikh knaknisl.

  3. I looked up the term racist and you know what?? It didn’t have the word white anywhere, so why do people claim that only whites can be racist???

  4. The only way to combat this insanity is to reverse it, play the same game with dems or blacks (same thing usually I know). But start referring to them as racists every time they open their mouths.
    Oh BTW I don’t blame my troubles on anyone but myself. Not men, not anyone 🙂

  5. We need a new definition for racist and since it rimes with race as in competition then a racist is a winner and if a bigot doesn’t like that then don’t use the racist card.

  6. Simply put and right to the point Eowyn–:0)

  7. Gerry Baby, there is nothing more pitiful than a self-hating Jew. Keep this up and no one will come to your Shiva.

  8. …imagine my shock when the girl at the desk told me I wasn’t
    a native American….I’ve never even been to Caucasia

  9. The “racist” charge has been so overused it no-longer has any meaning.

  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this simple and clear definition of the term, “racist.” The nail has been hit on its head!

  11. winstonsmith6079

    I have a VERY succinct definition of “racist”: a “racist” is anyone who asks a Liberal a question that said Liberal has no rational response to!

  12. winstonsmith6079

    Back in the early days of the Hippie movement the Governor of Montana, I believe, knew that hippie communes would be popping up in his State like dandelions. So, to help disarm the almost certain confrontations between the Highway Patrol and the hippies he had LARGE lapel buttons issued to his Officers emblazoned with the words ‘Pride, Integrity, Guts!” so when a half naked, totally stoned hippie blew pot smoke in his face screaming “Take THAT, PIG!” The Officer would just flash that button and reply “Thank you!”
    I suggest a similar attack on the Leftist Liberals and THEIR “favorite” buzz word:

    • they blocked it ,Winston….come back and tell us the acronym…
      and who was the classy Governor of Montana. PIG…lmao

  13. Why is it OK for a someone to proclaim that they are a “strong black man” or a “strong black woman” but if a white person said they were a proud white man they are labeled as racist?


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