What's a celebrity "environmental activist" to do? A 48-foot long trailer should solve the problem!

brad pitt
Daily Mail UK: Brad Pitt has a large family, so having a place for his six kids to hang out when they visit him on set is a must.
The actor’s luxurious on-set trailer does just that with a massive living room for the kids to watch TV, a kitchen big enough to make a family meal, and a master bedroom where the busy dad can sneak in a nap.
The 48-foot-long trailer was featured on Celebrity Motor Homes, and is a stand out for its sheer size.
Four pull-outs mean the million-dollar trailer is not only long, but wide – creating a space that doesn’t make the movie star feel cramped.
The front door opens to the chef-quality kitchen, which features a full-size built-in refrigerator, stove-top, dishwasher, and a surprising amount of counter space. The kitchen alone cost $60,000 to produce, so it’s evident the appliances are all top of the line. Next to the kitchen in the living room area, which has a kitchen table, a huge flat-screen TV and a 10-foot long leather sofa probably long enough to fit the whole Jolie-Pitt brood side by side.
Through a sliding door is Brad’s private sanctuary at work – a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed and table where he can get his hair and make-up applied each day.  The bedroom’s bathroom is even spacious, with a walk-in shower big enough for two.
brad pitt trailer
Brad and Angelina fell in love while they were filming the movie Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005, causing Brad to end his five-year marriage to Friends star Jennifer Aniston.
brad pitt trailer
By the time they started dating, Angelina had already adopted sons Maddox and Pax. The year he separated from Aniston, Brad accompanied Angelina on a trip to Ethiopia where she adopted daughter Zahara.
brad pitt trailer
Brad is such a devoted environmentalist, don’t you know that?
“As film star Brad Pitt has aged, the more publicly active he’s become in supporting political candidates and activist causes, including John Kerry in 2004, environmentalism, alternative fuels and energy-efficient cars, and global issues of trade, poverty and AIDS.”
“Brad Pitt, long interested in architecture, joined with Global Green USA in July 2006 to promote the rebuilding of New Orleans, which remains devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Pitt headed a jury for Global Green’s Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans Neighborhoods that selected the top 5 ecologically sound designs for rebuilding that city. The designs were required energy-efficient building materials and green building strategies.
From his mouth:
“I’ve had the luxury to travel around the world for the last 15 years, and I’ve seen a real shift in the idea of what America is, how people define America. The [idea] is growing that we are opportunists; we’re only there if it serves us. But this is not the complete picture. This is not who we are, and it’s certainly not our history.”2005 press conference for the One Campaign
“Shouldn’t the argument be, what’s not good enough for us is not good enough for them? In the movie business, we can’t burn toxic things when we film in the United States. So we go to Morocco and burn all the rubber tires we like when we’re doing action scenes.”Washington Post, November 21, 2005
Leonardo DiCaprio would be proud!

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Dr. Eowyn

Pitts’ movie trailer is bigger than most U.S. homes!
As for “In the movie business, we can’t burn toxic things when we film in the United States. So we go to Morocco and burn all the rubber tires we like when we’re doing action scenes.”
Perfect summary of Hollywood and Hollyweirdos’ hypocrisy.


Great post, DCG! This is fun! It’s like that moment years ago when Sean Hannity asked environmental demagogue Robert Kennedy Jr. how he got to the show. Did he arrive in his big CO2 footprint private jet?

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

I forgot to say — this is a great post! Thanks for presenting it to us.


Hypocritical narcissistic Hollyweird playboy. I could care less what he thinks about anything. These actors all think we should follow the examples they set in life; I can’t imagine how playing pretend all day would qualify one to tell people what to do.


Seems to me that actors,being paid to “be someone they AREN’T”,is dangerously close to being a professional liar,which puts acting in the same realm as Politics. Both professions are,in fact,hired liars.