What's a 710?

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A few days ago I was having some work done at my local garage. A blonde came in and asked for a seven-hundred-ten.
We all looked at each other and another customer asked, ‘What is a seven-hundred- ten?’
She replied, ‘You know, the little piece in the middle of the engine, I have lost it and need a new one..’
She replied that she did not know exactly what it was, but this piece had always been there.
The mechanic gave her a piece of paper and a pen and asked her to draw what the piece looked like.
She drew a circle and in the middle of it wrote 710. He then took her over to a car just like hers which had its hood up and asked, ‘Is there a 710 on this car?’.
She pointed and said, ‘Of course, its right there.’ The mechanic fainted.
If you’re not sure what a 710 is
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~Steve~                                             H/T  Grouchy

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0 responses to “What's a 710?

    Not even sure I have the stones to have posted this.

  2. I didn’t see that coming. Funny!!!!

  3. Steve, Is your wife blonde? (:

  4. I’m so proud…I figured it out myself…but then I have been a
    professional blonde mechanic 🙂

  5. Good one!

  6. My car dealership would have lied and said I needed to pay $1,000 for that cap.

  7. What happened was my A/C went out last August and the dealership tried to charge over $800 to fix it claiming the blower needed replacing. I was waiting til I was ready to shell out that much cash, and in the meantime it would blow at random and then quit. My father told his friend who works on cars and the friend said there was no way the blower needes replacing or it wouldn’t be possible that it sometimes work at random! He said it must be either a loose electrical connection or something fell down in there and blocks the connection, then rattles around and moves out of the way. (I still haven’t had time and/or money to see about it yet.)

    • I swear I am literate, my stupid smartphone (lol oxymoron) will make the curser jump around and select a word and then if my finger lightly strokes it will change the spelling of a word. My post was originally correct.

  8. I can relate! 😀

  9. Originally a blonde, I had to read this twice……well, it is Monday & I haven’t had my third cup of coffee yet either…:(

  10. Why if it isn’t little Miss Mary Sparkles herself :D. How are ya my friend?
    Oh boy do I remember when you were a blonde. Those were the days in
    QV growing up. I bet you never had a 710…did you? LOL


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