What you can do to get that POS out of the White House

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How YOU Can Help Defeat Obama

Posted by Jonathan Bruce on July 18, 2012
An Open Letter to Tea Party Nation
Friends…I urge you to consider how we ALL might make better use of our “internet” time in this presidential election year.
Consider this: Roughly 40% of likely-voters are conservative.  Likewise, roughly 40% are liberal. Thus….the REAL electoral battle will be for the 15 – 20% “undecided” or “middle-of-the-road” crowd.   Four years ago, the so-called “youth vote” went to Obama. This year….many of those “youth voters” (22- 30 yrs old) have now moved into the “undecided” category.
I suggest that we ALL make a concerted effort to try to influence those “youth” and “undecided” voters with our brains and our keyboards…
Rather than that yakk to one another on [Fellowship of the Minds] … (where we’re all preaching to the choir  …) — let us reach out and try change some minds and to win the votes we need !
Take a look at Yahoo news…As you may know, Yahoo publishes “news stories” from the Associated Press (AP) and allows readers to post in response to those “news stories.”  You probably know that Yahoo and the AP are unabashedly liberal.  Yahoo/AP posts at least one Obama-friendly “news story” every day, full of lies, fuzzy facts and DNC spin calculated to win the youth and undecided vote.  (Paid DNC operatives intentionally “work” the Yahoo/AP message boards.)
We MUST respond to the leftist propaganda posted on Yahoo/AP. We MUST refute DNC lies and spin because, unfortunately, hundreds-of-thousands of youth and undecided voters look to Yahoo/AP for their information.
I urge you (in the strongest possible terms) to make a daily concerted effort to go on-line and refute the lies of the left. Hit them with facts. Hit them with the truth. Do NOT flame, incite, threaten, name-call or sink to their level. Simply respond to every DNC lie with the TRUTH about Obama and the left….
Do this every day until the election. I promise you, the left is actively doing the same thing. They’re organized, they’re well-funded and they’re committed zealots.
We MUST fight back…Do this, and you’ll be doing a lot. You simply never know how many minds you might change.
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0 responses to “What you can do to get that POS out of the White House

  1. I forced my daughter and son-in-law to get registered and vote this year. They are both 29 years old and not interested in politics much. I told them this thing will affect them more than it will me. A small thing, but maybe it will help!

  2. Like this idea…love the picture. 😀

  3. I totally agree. But as long as they have voting machines and computers to count votes, we are spinning our wheels trying to influence voters. They will decide who the winners and losers are.

  4. I just read the latest Ulsterman report. ” by any means necessary”. Folks, we are in very deep and perilous times. NWO, CIA, Agenda 21, the UN treaties are all indicators of the changes this administration and previous ones wish to impose upon us. We must stop this takeover. We must pray fervently for our country, our families and our souls

  5. This is a great idea and I will do it, but I too am worried about the validity of the election with the votes being counted overseas. I do pray every day for God to bless this country and to save us. God Bless America!


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