What You and I Can Do About Globalization

LowTechGrannie has been posting on Agenda 21 and the globalization agenda. (For those posts, go to our “Creeping Big Brother State” page.) Have you felt powerless and defeated by the shadowy and faceless puppeteers, The Powers That Be (TPTB)?
Well, there’s something you can do about it.
Kyle Theirmann is a pro surfer who makes short films about current issues. Only 21 years old, Thiermann has some thought-provoking insights and proposals on what we can do to combat The Powers That Be behind the drive of globalization.
To date, Theirmann has inspired people to move over $340 million (of lending power) from the global Bank of America into local banks and financial institutions that use and funnel the $ deposits by ordinary people such as you and me to benefit local communities. This is one simple but powerful way to fight globalization!
H/t Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report.

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The same could be said of investing in any large corporation (Ford,GM, GE,Microsoft,Walmart,Coke,Pepsico….) and looking at how they reinvest in your community…or not. A brilliant observation and a fun presentation.
I hope to catch a wave with him someday.

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

Great idea! It’s not as if any of the big banks are paying out interest right now. I imagine local credit unions would be a good place to stash the fast dwindling cash.