What would you have done to this guy?

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From the looks, the dude picked the ground floor of a college campus building to pull this stunt. I’d sure like to see him try this in the streets of New York.

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0 responses to “What would you have done to this guy?

  1. Those people are a lot nicer than I am. My automatic reaction would be to give him a “gentle” hit with the back side of my hand. Look at him like he’s …weird, saying, WTH?
    ~~Mrs. P

  2. edward oleander

    With many people doing odd things like this, I would assume it was a stunt for YouTube, or some sort of psych class experiment (like in older days when you turned around and met peoples’ eyes in an elevator, then wrote it up the results for class) and roll with it. After all, it’s in public, with lots of help nearby, and you can always disengage and smack him upside the head if he tries anything more…

  3. There is a sphere uncharted or not that is personal space. Once it is violated it becomes a turnoff and a self defensive position that is evident in this clip. There certain protocols like eye contact and subtle conversation that lead into the process of “holding hands”, that is a permission state. This whole process is taught and learned throughout the globe. One reason that people don’t get the permission is why people are not allowed cross borders or immigrated legally. It becomes part of human culture to apply for permission in the interaction with human beings all over the world.
    The dude in the clip was pushing the borders and limits of human interaction.

  4. What the poop? Psychology major? Let’s hope so, because if that caught on like the other stuff it may get real strange. But no, he does not deserve an ass beating. He could get a ticket for Simple Assult if an officer was upset and the offended party demanded it. But an ass beating, no.

  5. I’m always fascinated by social experiments like the one this guy just did. That he did it that many times and no one got angry is amazing.

  6. off topic question for Terry. You said ASCAOTS the other day to me and MoxieLouise. I’ve tried, but I can’t figure that one out for the life of me…..drivin’ me nuts. Definition?

  7. I liked the big guys reaction…concern and curiosity and finally
    amusement. Yup…schools for learn’n’ and helping others learn.

  8. lowtechgrannie

    Like Ruth Buzzi’s character, Gladys Ormphby on Laugh-In, I carry a big purse and I know how to use it! LOL

  9. My first reaction would be to smack him, hard. Maybe a swift kick in the groin too 🙂 Stranger dude touching me is NOT OK.

    • Me too! 🙂
      I can’t believe some of the comments here lauding this guy’s “psychology experiment.”
      If he did this to me, my self-defense training from years ago would automatically kick in. I’d either deliver a karate chop between his eyes or it’s a knee to the groin, accompanied by “Ki-ai!”. 😀

      • When I was in College I had a very liberal “critical thinking” teacher tell us on the first day that she wanted everyone to get up walk out of class and get into other people’s faces to see how they would respond when you violate their personal space. Now this was in 1999 when I just moved to the south from Brooklyn. I looked at this woman and thought “was she off her freaking rocker?!” One of the students attempted it with me and I made it quite clear it would not be in his best interest to do so.
        I would punch this clown in the video smooth out.

  10. I don’t want to sound like I don’t have proper respect for my elders, but this reminds me of my grandmother who has always been bossy and domineering and rude to people and has no respect for boundaries. Instead of getting people’s attention like a civil human being she will walk up and grab our upper arm-which is fairly sensitive anyway-and squeeze really hard when she wants to tell us something. She also tries to walk in on people in the bathroom, barged into my parents’ bedroom without knocking, and discusses personal issues related to the toilet in front of mixed company. Her daughter (my aunt and father’s sister) also is domineering but less gross than her.


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