What would you do if you saw this naked S.F. guy in a train station?

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You know the joke about California being like a bowl of granola? When you remove the fruits and the flakes, all you have left are the nuts?

BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transit that many San Francisco Bay Area residents use, especially to get from S.F. across the bay to the East Bay and vice versa.

On May 10, 2013, at the 16th Street and Mission Station in S.F., commuters were assaulted, both visually and physically, by a skinny naked guy with bushy hair who works as an acrobat for the Berkeley circus troupe ClownsNotBombs.

I took the following screenshots from a video taken by a BART station agent’s cellphone.

First, the naked guy attacked and traumatized a young woman (in pink top). An unarmed male BART station attendant (in blue shirt) tried to help and succeeded in freeing her from naked guy’s clutches.

Perez1Naked guy then went on top of the turnstiles and performed a series of gymnastic maneuvers — flips, handstands, and splits.

Next, naked guy grabbed hold of an elderly woman, injuring her back, followed by more gymnastic maneuvers.

Perez2Perez3Then he threw himself on the floor and belly-flopped like a fish out of water, after which he just lied on the floor face down.

As all this was happening, commuters walked past him as if nothing is out of the ordinary, except for a bicyclist who stopped and gave naked guy a good kick. LOL

Perez4Then naked guy got up, stood in front of commuters exiting the up escalator, and harassed two young women.

Perez5Finally, 3½ agonizing minutes after the video had begun, two police officers arrived, wrestled and handcuffed naked guy.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that naked guy was identified by BART police as 24-year-old Yeiner Garizabalo, who goes by the name Yeiner Perez. Here’s his mugshot, courtesy of BART Police:

Yeiner PerezYeiner Perez

Perez was taken to California Pacific Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation and then was kept at the facility on an emergency psychiatric hold. When he was released from the hospital, he was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. He was then released from jail after 48 hours because the district attorney’s office has not yet decided whether to file charges.

KPIX CBS5 says that Perez was handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and “is likely now facing deportation.” But law enforcement officials would not confirm Perez’s country of origin, or set a timeline for deportation proceedings.

In the meanwhile, Perez has been fired by ClownsNotBombs, is being monitored by ankle bracelet, and could still face charges from the S.F. District Attorney’s office.

Here’s the video:

So what would you have done if you were at that BART station?


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0 responses to “What would you do if you saw this naked S.F. guy in a train station?

  1. Not one male passerby was man enough to kick psycho’s ass…Sissyfied Amerika!

  2. Hey – watch again. The guy on the bicycle kicked his naked ass – but just once. Had I been there I’d have gotten better pictures then probably sidled up to him and whacked his peepee. Women should carry peepee whackers anyway…easy to find…the tip end (with the metal tip) of a light weight whippy fishing rod. Go to Goodwill.

  3. Swift and hard kick in the manhood section, and maybe pull out the conceal carry to scare him off. But I’m betting you can’t conceal carry on BART.

    • All women should take a lesson from what happened to the young traumatized woman in pink and the elderly balding woman. Take a self-defense class, where you’ll learn that if you’re grabbed from behind, first thing you should do is:

      1. Jab your elbow back to give your assailant a hard kick in the abdomen; and/or
      2. Stomp your assailant’s foot. (This would be so effective in the case of naked guy because he’s shoeless.)

      And remember to scream “Kiai !!!!” while you do 1 and/or 2 !

      Just screaming “Kiai !!!!” is very empowering. Try it at home – now! 😀

      • Isn’t “Kiai!!!” the same as Miss Piggy’s yell whenever she gives some offending muppet a trip to the moon?
        I would say this is a great argument for concealed carry, and for tasers.

  4. I would like to have kicked him in the balls .

  5. San Francisco is the hot spot for the wussification of America. I definitely would have kicked him in his balls. Then ran and called the police.

  6. weird stuff, good drugs, he’s pretty athletic for a druggy!

  7. I can’t believe , well the one guy sorta helped when the women got in trouble, but, well it would not have been a 4 minute vid after he accosted the first woman..game over.

  8. serious drugs….very athletic
    Techno Viking (Unedited Original Video)

  9. I wish San Fran the Naked Man had run into this Atlanta mall cop:
    (hint: the big pay-off begins at about 3:00 😀 )


    • Works for me! 😀

      Hard to believe neither the female BART agent (who took the video) or the male BART agent (who tried to help the two women) or any of the commuters didn’t have mace. A can of wasp spray reportedly works just as well.

      • traildustfotm

        Wasp spray? Hmmmmm…
        I think you’re onto something Dr. Eowyn. And it wouldn’t show up on the radar of the gun grabbers. (By the look of him, he might be equally repelled by deodorant spray.)

        • “By the look of him, he might be equally repelled by deodorant spray.”


        • “…repelled by deodorant spray.” Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

          Yea, he sure looks like he needs to learn how to get close to water. (“And Irish Spring too!”)

  10. Only one person did anything. Now that is a perfect example of a society run by liberal idiots. The ideological conversion of the people into the sheeple thru the leftist program of Wussification. Yep, California alright. The land of nutjobs. So many nuts in fact, there are enough to feed the entire world’s population of squirrels for a thousand years, though I predict the squirrels will suffer massive indigestion from such as grows in California.

  11. I would have broken multiple ribs on this disgusting pervert, that way every time he took a breath he would remember that decent society will not “tolerate” such idiocy.

  12. I lived there 35 years. This kind of thing is not unusual. Down town SF is total weirdness. You will see things there that the movies have not even thought of. A lot lot of mental illness and druggie stuff happens. It is a beautiful city but attracts every crack pot and loony you could imagine. I left 10 yrs ago and don’t look back.But this kind of thing happens so much that you can become d-sensatized . As young girl living there I learned to NOT react (as the woman in pink did) or you become the attention and victim. Some one bigger and stronger needs to take care of the guy. It usually takes several or up to 6 guys to subdue someone this athletic and this high.

  13. Lots of big talk about kicking him and nonsence, this is a example of being prepared, cell phone off and paying attention to all thats around you, then avoiding it. Turn your phone on when in a safe place, and that dont mean crossing the street or driving…

    • d..h.. Bingo! called going thru life in condition Yellow. Eyes up, Head up.
      Situational awareness. If something does not feel right, trust your instinct.
      It is not right.

    • Everybody knows having your cell phone off is the opposite of safe for multiple reasons. If your cell phone is off it’s slower calling the cops. If my phone is on it takes just a second to dial 911. If I have to boot up my phone it takes a while. Also people can’t get in touch with you.

      • Julia, I think he might mean off as in not talking and walking.
        In your bag, and yes I agree it should be on. Just not to your ear.
        Or music ear buds.etc.

  14. Now that is some sage advise Stephanie. Proactive and situationally aware is the way to be in this day and age.

    The BART Police should have tazed this ass-clown till his nuts roasted. Unfortunately, it seems people in the Bay Area prefer their nuts “in the raw.”

  15. Excellent advice, warrior princess Stephanie! 😀

  16. GO STEPHANIE!!! 🙂

  17. p.s. Stephanie, one of the most helpful books I’ve ever read is “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker. He talks about how to spot warning signs of trouble and how to react. You did exactly as he teaches. Bravo to you!

  18. Stephanie, you just showed the incident in its true light.

    The first time I ran into a real lunatic walking the sidewalk in Boston, I had never seen anything like him. In my gut I could sense demons were circling this guy’s head like planes at O’Hare Airport. It wasn’t a moment for high school athlete bluster. It was definitely time to consider all options. In my case, walking away solved the problem.

    In the case of San Fran the Naked Man, that was not solving it. Concealed carry could have stopped him, mace would have done it, same thing with a stun gun. A knife or tire iron could be snatched out of the victim’s hands and used by the attacker.

  19. That’s San Fran for you…

  20. “Likely be deported”……. Yeah, right! I live in California and I can tell you that’s liberal speak for: NOTHING will to happen to him (by way of law and order.)

  21. Oops! So sorry!

  22. The best choice is to shoot that walking abomination. But since this is forbidden in Commieformia, Taser would have been handy there.

  23. When this piece of human debris was laying face down and spread eagled , It would have been a perfect time for an N.F.L.field goal kicker to drop-kick his balls through the goal-posts of life . He might have a new carrier waiting for him on “The Sopranos”. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Here’s a nifty little trick . Shave down an old credit card or some kind of piece of plastic to a razors edge . Won’t show up on any metal detector ( obviously )and is just as lethal as a box cutter or a knife .

    • Dear japoa,

      Expect a knock on your door from DHS, soon! 😀

      • Being that we make rather onerous comments about the current state of the republic . We are all candidates for that ” knock on the door ” in the middle of the night . That’s when life comes down to one of those epiphany moments . How do you want to die , on your feet fighting , or on your knees cowering ? It’s your choice . John Mellenkamp had a song off the ” Scarecrow ” c.d. ” Stand for something or your fall for anything ” . Pretty much sums up my attitude

  25. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Dr. Eowyn knows what I would do and I know what she would do…Sometimes being crippled with a great cane has its advantages. If I saw anyone being assaulted by another, I would use my cane, forget I am crippled and try to do what is necessary to help that person.

  26. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Q: What did the elephant say to the naked man?

    A: “How do you drink water with that?”

    Guess he thought he was being born again – or thought he was
    leaving this world – as they say we come in with nothing and leave with nothing.




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