What would you do?

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Seems to be an easy choice, right?

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0 responses to “What would you do?

  1. Pump out the stinky crap that is in there right now!

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    Go check out Fellowship Of The Minds, excellent resource for common sense politics. And political commentary.

  3. Transfer it all to Barry’s house while he is making out with Michelle.

  4. You can only hold your breath for so long…and then…ew. Start that pump NOW.

  5. I prefer the No Crap option.

  6. edward oleander

    What happens when political adversaries keep hiding the “On” switch for the pump from each other? Which is better, raising the roof, or letting the pressure blow the walls out, bringing down the entire house?

    • Poor edward oleander,
      You really need to get some basic education in Econ 101. If you had, you’d realize that “raising the roof” to nearly $16 TRILLION in national debt, which now exceeds America’s GDP, is “bringing down the entire house.” But your solution is to “raise the roof” even more!
      You’d be funny if the reality of the U.S. economy weren’t so depressing.


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