What would Ralphie say about our fascination with Qanon?

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I can’t help but wonder if we are being played.

Like many others, I can’t resist looking for the next coded message from the top secret source in the White House.

But then I remember this hilarious moment in the movie, “A Christmas Story,” and pull back a bit to get a clearer perspective. Not saying Q is a hoax, but simply recognizing how similar Ralphie’s enthusiasm was to mine.

PS: In case you wonder where I stand on this subject, I stand with you… and Q. In fact, I feel so strongly about it that I built the little Q animation below.


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15 responses to “What would Ralphie say about our fascination with Qanon?

  1. Are we being played, could be, but I don’t think so. We are into our 14 th month of some very interesting information. Too much of what we have read rings with truth and facts. But, above everything else, true or not, it is working. It is giving us hope, where we had little and it is uniting us. This group of people have put in numberous hours and for that we need to be grateful.
    We can choose which to believe, I choose to be a believer. What else do we have?

  2. What else do we have? I have my faith in Jesus Christ!

  3. Any ,,deal,,made by the ,,white hats,,with R&R families is pure treason!,,Good society,,like WDS a powerful one,shouldnt exist either…theres no ,,good,,or ,,bad,,society,simple put,We the people,dont need them…what the world needs is God!Only God can cut off the evil from root!Im afraid this will b another great deception for humanity,the human nature perverted to do evil

  4. I prefer to stick with those who can identify what the problems are – and who they are. Jim Stone occasionally has some very good posts. He has one up today urging everyone to vote for Republicans and saying “If you don’t, you are electing a Democrat”. He continues.

    “Democrats are now pulling ahead in MANY state governor races and other races when they previously were lagging badly. THE STEAL IS ON.

    Here’s a GREAT example of subversion, on a micro scale (they have progressed this to the most miniscule scale and truly hurt America:”

    “It is very obvious the Jewish community is using Hitler as a cover for what they have planned for all of us. They totally plan to genocide us if they can get away with it. Consider this: Several leftist pundits, through wholly owned Jewish media outlets actually had the audacity over the last few days to say whites should be wiped out, and that especially white males should not be allowed to vote. Who else preached this same rhetoric fairly recently? HITLER. Who wants all the guns taken to make it possible? The Jews. Who is behaving like Hitler? The Jews. Who has a history of an enormous previous genocide, of the scale they probably want to pull in the U.S.? The Bolshevik Jews.

    Now, I am fully aware of the fact that they don’t want it said, and will ban and destroy anyone who discusses this. They will get them de-platformed and de-financed. Question: How’d they get enough power to accomplish that? It is called subversion, which Hitler was too honest for. Hitler at least faced the world by banging on the door with bombs. Everyone knew who he was, and he was not afraid to say it. /p>

    Subversion is the creeping slime mold satanic way of accomplishing the same objective Hitler had, by lying to everyone’s faces, brainwashing, and ripping their foundation out. It is what George Soros is all about. It takes a very evil mind set to even consider subverting a society the way the Jews have with America, and they fully intend to once again pull off a great subversion by rigging this next election.

    Here’s a GREAT example of subversion, on a micro scale (they have progressed this to the most miniscule scale and truly hurt America: [His example given is at the link below and it is a very good one].

      • I had already read and understand your post, Dr E, and Jim Stone does say things that I don’t agree with him on, even in the post I linked, but he makes a very good point on the subversive networking technique which is the main force used by jewry, which is accompanied by various types of the jewish boycotts and sanctions used in their scheming against others [especially our unaware and trusting White people] to obtain monopolistic positioning. They do that by networking together hidden behind false fronts which hide their influences and power, such as corporations or other organizations whereby one or a few in their network obtain key positioning and use the leverage gained there to bootstrap other jews inside other institutions into similar power positions.

        His article is worth reading because he describes it in an easy to understand way. It is also exactly what the jews intend for our White population if they [their Democrats] were to win, and Stone claims that the jews are determined that is what will happen.

        There are two parts to the post that look similar, although they are together, and both parts should be read.

  5. I have a feeling you are quite a bit younger than I am Trail and, that may account for your past enthusiasm over Q. I think the message from Ralphie the perfect counterbalance to all this too. ( I am laughing because our family routinely quotes lines from this movie at the appropriate moments) Anyway, I guess when you get my age you’ve seen so many things predicting this and predicting that, and not seeing it come to pass one gets a bit jaded. I know these are more than predictions, but they have the same effect- they put you into a state of waiting and hoping. Nothing wrong with hope of course unless that hope is based on something false, and that is the kicker. Do we really know who Q is who he says he is? Or is he a paid intelligence operative who is doing just what I mentioned above- there to put info out to give people a false sense of hope; to keep them waiting, hoping and doing nothing. I have an aversion to this stuff anymore because it puts hope in being rescued by someone else and, speaking from my own experience anyway, causes one to live in the future instead of right now. I don’t believe anyone is going to rescue us, at least not anyone from this plane of existence. Hope all that didn’t sound too cynical.

    • Lana, that is the kind of “plain light of day” perspective we need. I agree. Personally I think Q, whoever they are, is attempting to keep hopes up among Trump supporters because of the complete dishonesty of the media. The same way Trump tweets out his message right in the middle of events, Q puts a bit more detail out. These are 2 channels of communication that our enemies didn’t see coming, and have not been able to block. And we at FOTM know what we speak of. It was only a few months ago that WordPress tried to choke us out, and silence our voices.
      So is Q speaking truth, propaganda or nonsense? I would like to think Q is a truthful messenger. But if not, my faith is not in Q, Trump or the USA, but in the Lord Jesus Christ. So whatever the outcome of this election, God’s love and faithfulness are what will sustain His people.

      • Well said Trail. Beyond my cynicism maybe the truth is, I just am so upset at the state of affairs in this country I just don’t want get my hopes up, and then have them dashed if it all turns out we were being yanked. I have to admit the Q stuff in quite provocative- I just can’t follow it on a steady basis.

  6. That is a cute video!

    As long as Q-believers don’t invest either money or daydreaming-instead-of-action in Q’s coded messages, I don’t really see any harm in all this. At a minimum, Q provides hope in the midst of darkness, and some relief from the Left’s incessant lies, threats, distortion of truth, politicization of everything, and outright physical assaults.

  7. Best Christmas movie ever made.

  8. I have already said what I think about this. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I do not look for “salvation” elsewhere than the Lord. If people want to chase this sort of thing, that’s fine with me. Let me know how it works out.

    I don’t like games. Mysteries are fine in their place. Their place is not in passing information. Speaking plainly is always better. Any time anyone claims “insider knowledge” I am instantly skeptical. That reaction has certainly proved correct many, many more times than not.

    Lastly, I don’t have heroes. I don’t hang on every word that drips from the mouth of …(fill in the blank). So, I think we’re all equal under God. I’ll discuss anything but I will not be a disciple. I’m as smart and as stupid as anyone else.

    Like everyone else I have my own unique history that provides certain insights in certain areas. I don’t have all the answers and don’t claim to. I have never met anyone who does. I know how certain things work. When I don’t, I say so.

    I am deeply suspicious of this particular evolution. I would not bet a penny on any of it. That said, that’s how casinos are built. Many DO bet more than pennies. I’ll sit this hand out.

    • “I do not look for “salvation” elsewhere than the Lord.”
      I don’t judge anyone for following this stuff, but for me it’s a giant jerk around.


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