What Would Happen If Tax-Exempt Status was Abolished?

How many billions of dollars in additional revenue would be generated if the Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Gates, Soros  and plethora of other grant-making foundations had to pony up  like individuals and corporations do?

It could be done by Executive Order.  Just a simple sentence stating that tax-exempt status is revoked.  After all, it’s where the money is.   ~LTG                      This pdf has active links     IRS SOI Data on Tax Exempt Foundation

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9 years ago

This might require more than a knee jerk response. The tax exemption only remains if they give away about the same amount as they would otherwise pay in taxes. Therefore, much of the good work these foundations would be handled by the government, if at all. Sure, lots of the stuff foundations support is junk. Consider pork from Congress. Lots of the time, it’s the same sort of funding of outrageous research (mating habits of grasshoppers, as a single example), but that’s a risk in having rules that govern all of a behavior in society. If we are to allow… Read more »

9 years ago

There is always abuse of a good thing. There are so many good charitable organizations who would be having great trouble if you took their tax-free status away. What about the churches as well?

9 years ago

If the Feds have raided Medicare and Social Security trust funds, they have my blessing to open the piggy banks of Robber Barons, past and present.