What will Skippy say?

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A good night for Republicans…and a bad night for Skippy!
The day after President Obama said, “Americans Reject TEA Party Ideas” (thank you Anon), the Americans in Nevada and New York voted, and low and behold, voted for Republicans!  Oh, too bad…soo sad!
First, Republican Bob Turner defeated Democratic state Assemblyman David Weprin to replace disgraced pervert Anthony Weiner’s seat.  With more than 80 percent of precincts reporting, Turner had 54 percent of the vote to Weprin’s 46 percent in unofficial results.

“We’ve been asked by the people of this district to send a message to Washington,” Turner told supporters after the landmark win. “I hope they hear it loud and clear. We’ve been told this is a referendum. Mr. President, we are on the wrong track. We have had it with an irresponsible fiscal policy which endangers the entire economy.”

And in Nevada, Former Republican state senator Mark Amodei has won Nevada’s special election to fill a seat in the U.S. House. This was not a surprise as they typically vote Republican.  Amodei is a former state GOP chairman. He promised to fight for a balanced budget amendment in Congress and signed an anti-tax pledge.
So prey tell, what will Skippy have to say tomorrow as he continues to promote his jobs stimulus program? Bet it will be more rhetoric and delusional thoughts that only his empty suit can deliver.

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  1. That district is also heavily Jewish-populated — 40% of the population. Let’s hope this is a bellwether for 2012!

  2. I heard he’s started a new campaign website that’s basically “Fight the Smears” but with a different name. So, he’s relying on the victim/racism card to mobilize the troops again.

  3. Barack Obama’s complexion seems to be changing. This has nothing to do with skin color, it has everything to do with how a person is perceived by others. Obamazombies looked at him before with almost hero worship, and, some may still, but the halo has been slipping, inch by inch, incident by incident, lie by lie, so that now, more than ever, he is seen as a severly flawed individual who should have never been elected as this nation’s President. What were the American people thinking? He and his pack of wolves think that with a billion dollars plus and the unions, main stream media and George Soros behind him, he can breeze through the election in 2012, kicking sand in the face of any Republican candidate. All Barack Obama has to do is lie to the people and convince them that the lies are true and he is in like Flynn. It worked before, might again, depends on whether we have gained any intelligence, doesn’t it?

  4. a wake up call for america please smell the coffee and vote the fraud out.
    one term and done, one term and done, obama must go and take moochelle with you. gee i wonder if she will be able to spend $10 million on vacations with her own money.


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